Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hiding Her Face In Shame
The people of this country should be embarrassed beyond just covering their eyes in shame. After all these many years, is it true that some people have the right to speak freely, and others do not? Why do we have so many citizens ready to fight for the right to free speech, but only as long as they agree with what the other person is saying?

Now, understand that I do not agree with the Qu'ran burning that is supposedly going to take place in Florida on 9/11. However, I also do not agree with Muslims building a Victory Mosque near Ground Zero. It seems that the same people who tout that Muslims should be allowed to build that Ground Zero Mosque, are the ones who are saying that the preacher and his church should stifle their right to free speech and expression, for opposing the Mosque. In my opinion, the minister in Florida is grandstanding, but his grandstanding is no more offensive than the Muslim grandstanding with their Ground Zero Mosque. The burning of any book or books somehow takes us back to the Adolf Hitler/Nazi age. But, this one preacher, and his congregation of 50 aren't burning every Qu'ran in the country, just the ones they can get their hands on. There is no way of counting how many Bibles have been destroyed in one fashion or another in the Arab countries, but I'm sure the number is quite substantial. In the Muslim world, they don't stop at burning and destroying Bibles, and Toras, they burn and destroy the Christians and Jews too. That is not happening in Florida, no Muslims are being destroyed. A book, is a book, it is paper and ink printed words. It is not the Holy Bible that is Holy, it's the content of the book. The same goes for the Qu'ran, it is paper, and it is ink, more copies of the Qu'ran and Bible can, and will be printed. My personal opinion of the Qu'ran, is well...there is nothing holy about it. It contains the ravings of a paranoid schizophrenic pedophile, it makes very little sense, no matter how many times I've read it, and believe me I've tried many times. The Qu'ran is a book that teaches hatred, and destruction of anyone who does not believe in it. The world will be a much, much nicer place with a few Qu'rans missing.

I guess the bottom line here is this: Do not get in my face touting the right for Muslims to engage in free speech and expression, and then try to stifle a Christian's rights to do the same, especially here in the Christian's own country. Keep in mind, there is NO right to free speech in the Arab world. Free speech is exclusive to civilized nations. Any nation where their entire truth is in and of the Qu'ran, is not a civilized country, not by any stretch of the imagination. Sharia, which is the Law of Islam, is the antitheses of the U.S. Constitution, that's correct, Sharia Law is the complete and total opposite of America's Constitution, which is why Islam/Sharia will never, and I mean never be able to work side by side in any nation. I'm sure there are many of us American citizens that can see the reverse bigotry here, I hope so. I ask you, why is it okay for the Imams and the Muslims in these American Mosques to preach hate of Christians and Jews, but, when a Christian or Jew stands up to the Muslims, he is branded a bigoted racist? Why has this preacher in Florida been branded, even by FOXNews as a bigot? He is no more bigoted than the Imam's in America that preach to their people that Jews are apes and pigs, yet the bigoted hate speech by Muslims is somehow acceptable and tolerated under America's free speech laws? Don't you see, we in the west are already being indoctrinated into Sharia. In the Muslim world, only the followers of Islam have the right to freedom of speech, and now, it's becoming that way right here in the United States. Islam, through a twisting of our laws, is dictating what we as Americans can, and can not say, do and not do. When are we going to wake up, and see this is happening?

It really bothers me, when the Commanding General of our Armed Forces, General Patraeus makes a statement condemning the Florida church's plan to burn Qu'rans, because he thinks it will put American military personnel in danger. What am I supposed to think? Is General Patraeus telling me that up till now all of our dead and wounded service men and women were killed and injured at some Middle-east Ice Cream Social? C'mon General, have you forgotten exactly what it is you're fighting for? That's right Sir, freedom of speech, in America that's what we have, or used to have, prior to Political Correctness. That's what you're supposed to be defending. Where do you get off telling the American minister that he shouldn't be burning the Qu'rans? What you should be doing is giving a lesson to the Afghans, Iraqis, Syrians, and Iranians about freedom and liberty. In America we aren't supposed to be kowtowing to pressure from foreign governments, or so-called religions. It is the freedom and liberty of this our American free Republic, that keeps you in charge of the military. To put it in your Commander In Chief's own words General, "use this as a teaching moment" to those in the Middle-east. General Patraeus, if you've forgotten what you took an oath to do, perhaps it's time for you to hang up your four stars, and beg General McChrystal to take his old job back. Although, with all due respect Sir, he will more than likely convey the same weakness as you.

It frightens me to see our military Generals going as soft as the President and congress. Where are we headed? Into bondage I'm afraid, into bondage. Our future is depicted in our past, all you have to do is look for it, learn from it. But we won't, I am afraid we won't, at least not before it's too late.


What's China doing? Tomorrow I'll clue you in, but you aren't going to like it!!! ~Jer

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