Thursday, July 22, 2010


The truth be known, there are no moderate Muslims. If there were, then I am sure that they would have spoken out against the barbaric portrayal of Islam by the so-called radicalized Muslims. I for one, haven't heard much from the moderate side, have you? There won't be anyone speaking out against the Muslims who kill their children because they have become to westernized. There won't be any Muslims to speak out about the hanging of gays, or the stoning of women who commit adultery, or those who are punished because they were seen talking to a man in a public place. The Qur'an justifies it's brutality to women, simply because women are only worth half of a man.
Doesn't it strike you a little odd that there is no outcry by moderate Muslims about the proposed mosque at Ground Zero? There will be no outcry, there won't even be a modicum of dissent, because a mosque at ground zero, is a sign that Islam has conquered that spot. From the moment the first brick is laid upon that American sacred ground, the property will be considered the sovereign ground of the nation of Islam. Wherever there is a mosque built, it is like an embassy, the ground it is built on becomes the territory of Islam, forever. It is time for all Americans to realize something that Barack Hussein Obama already knows, and that is; the goal of Islam is to conquer and rule the entire world. Obama knows, because he is one of them, he even said he was, and America isn't listening, or at least America wasn't listening.
Barack Obama's loyalty is to Allah, and Islam. He does not like America, and he does not like Americans. He is using both the Liberal/Progressives on the the left, and the Progressive Republicans on the right to facilitate the Islamic conquering of the United States, more commonly known to his Muslim friends as the Great Satan. Look at what Obama has done so far. He has destroyed almost all industry in America, he is printing so much money, that the dollar will soon be deemed worthless. He has passed a Health Care Bill that costs more than America can afford, he is working on a Cap & Trade Bill that will cause this nations energy bills to skyrocket. He keeps pushing energy bills that are based on the already debunked science of global warming. There is absolutely no possible way our country can sustain this deficit spending, and yet, he continues to spend more and more. With each passing week, Obama becomes bolder, and bolder. He has made congress irrelevant with his Czars, he has made the Supreme Court irrelevant through his public redicule, he has made law enforcement irrelevant. He is siding with a foreign country against Arizona. He has driven a wedge between the races, and the classes in this country that we haven't seen for decades. He has given Interpol permission to operate in the United States without impunity. This gives him a police department of his own, I can't be the only one who sees this happening, can I? Interpol has no loyalty to the American citizen, and yet no one in congress has even dared to challenge Obama's actions.
Islam, and Sharia law are coming to North America, and the United States if we continue to tolerate the proliferation of a religion of hate in this nation. Muslims have already taken over in the Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Spain, and even Italy. It would be a dire mistake to look the other way while Islam infiltrates our nation.
We need to vote for Christian conservatives this November. If your candidate even jokes about taking his/her oath on the Qur'an, you can NOT vote for them. Do not sell your children, your grand children, your freedom, liberty and especially your Lord down the river. When the time comes, the Lord will ask why you did what you did, and you'll have to answer. Stand up, and speak out against this administration, and Islam in America.
God help this nation!!!

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