Thursday, July 22, 2010


If you think health care and health insurance are expensive now, wait till it's free. That's right, we all know you can't get something for nothing, so why are there still so many people who just can't wait until Socialized Medicine will be the order of the day? Because they are still so very misinformed, and misled. Because they still think that conservatives who have been warning of the impending doom of America's financial system are racists. The word racist has been bandied about so much in the last two years, that it no longer has meaning or teeth. When will these "sheeple" realize it's not the color, it's the context. I'm afraid that there are so many Americans that have been on the take from the federal government for so long, that they actually feel it is the obligation of those who work to take care of those who do not. Our president is fueling that notion to the nth degree. It's all part of the control plan, but that's for another Blog Post.

Here is a short run down of the tidal wave of taxes coming our way, all to pay for the new Obama Care program, that will fall short of all expectations, and will fail miserably, but not before thousands of babies and elderly are forced to the chopping block. They will be the sacrifice to the Obama mush god, and nothing in this country will ever be the same again, unless we can stop it from happening. November, 2010 is America's last chance...

Our lowest tax bracket for personal income tax will be raised from 10% to 15%, the next will be raised from 28% to 31%, and the higher end will be raised from 33% to 36%. Okay, so we can all live with that, right? Well, those increases are just jumping off points for this president's new tax reform. The marriage penalty makes a comeback, and so does the capital gains tax, both of those will jump a whopping 33%. Remember when George Bush installed those tax cuts, well, Obama got rid of those too. This year you were able to deduct a dependent offset for your children of $1,000.00 each, guess what? Obama thought that that was way too much, so he's had it lowered for you too $500.00. That will be a real pleasant surprise won't it? Especially when your tax man says, "hey guess what, you owe the government for the first time ever." If you voted for Obama, just go outside and start banging your head against the tax office's brick wall, and do not stop, until you realize what you helped do to this country you loved.

The next time you think about how George Bush stumbled over a few words, think about Mr. Eloquence in the White House now. At least when George Bush said he would cuts taxes, he cut taxes, and he cut taxes for everyone. The left will have you believe that President Bush only cut taxes for the rich, but think about it, has Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, or Dodd ever told the truth about anything? You will soon see that Bush cut your taxes, because soon they will be gone. You know the old saying; "nobody wants a drink of water till the well goes dry." Well my friends the well is going dry, and Obama will be sucking the life blood from this economy, and from your household budget. He has to, because Obama needs to spend all of your money. The plan, redistribution of wealth (your wealth) not his. Control of what you eat, what you say, what you think, and whether or not your family has heat this coming winter.

If Obama isn't stopped this November, he will not be stopped. Ponder that thought!!! If you have the chance, go to: , there you will find more detailed information regarding the tax balloon Obama will be bursting in your pocket book.
Vote, for Christian Conservatives this November, the country you save, will be your own!!!
God help us.

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