Friday, July 23, 2010


The height of arrogance, and the agony of stupidity. Look at the smug look on Obama's face, as if to convey to all Americans, "I don't care what you want, I am in command, and I will destroy your country, and your economy, because I am the Obama." Standing beside and behind Obama are his minions, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Maxine Waters, Timothy Geithner, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. This list reads like a FBI most wanted list. I like to refer to them as the "Obama Crime Family." It would be fitting to describe them as "America's Most Unwanted". Here is an Obama quote from the signing ceremony: "In the end, our financial system only works--our market is only free--when there are clear rules and basic safeguards that prevent abuse, that check excess, that ensure that it is more profitable to play by the rules than to game the system." Somebody please explain to me how the imposition of 533 new rules and regulations can be clear, and safeguard abuse of the system. This Financial Reform Bill is well in excess of 800 pages. The new regulations are being targeted toward banks, individuals, and small business. The reforms do not target those institutions that are the real culprits in the housing and mortgage meltdown. The Bill, completely omits any provisions for new regulation and oversight of Freddie Mac, and Fannie Mae.
Congress should have passed a Congressional and Presidential Ethics Reform Bill instead. This country could use a bill like that. One that would facilitate the arrest and prosecution of those who were really at fault regarding the housing market, and mortgage crisis. People like Chris Dodd, and Barney Frank, oh, oh, oh wait a minute these two are the guys that were commissioned by Barack Obama to to draft the Financial Reform Bill. Now, I see why Freddie and Fannie are exempt from any new oversight.
This Financial Reform Bill, may well be the final nail in the coffin of America's economy. Taxes. levies, regulations, rules, all aimed at the small businesses that are the engine of our capitalistic free market economy. Think 10% unemployment is bad? Wait until this Bill sinks into the private business sector. It has nothing in it to spur business expansion, or to encourage new business development, that means less jobs, more unemployment. More unemployment, means less consumer spending, less consumer spending means, yep, you guessed it, more unemployment. It's a vicious circle, and it's being motivated by none other than the current president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.
In order for Progressives to make all citizens totally dependent on government, that government must control everything. So far, the Obama government controls over 60% of industry, over 80% of mortgage and loan finance, 85% of the health care and insurance industry, 70% of U.S. automobile manufacturing, the EPA has been given control over the energy industry, and Obama has given Interpol free rein over law enforcement. Obama has been busy, very busy. He promised his constituents he would fundamentally transform America, and that is exactly what he is doing. The United States you woke up to this morning, is not the United States you were fortunate enough to grow up in. Our Republic is no longer of the people, by the people, or for the people. Our freedom to speak, to work, to prosper is being taken away by leaps and bounds. We the People must vote for Conservatives with Christian principles and morals. We the People must stop this denigration and degeneration of our country, our constitution, our freedom, and our liberty. The sand in the hourglass is quickly draining. Vote this November!!!
Chief Seattle of the Suquamis Tribe said this: "We are witnessing the end of living, and the beginning of survival." As that statement was true for our Native Americans, so it is true for us at this hour, at this time in history. But as the Indians did, we must make our "great one last stand." I firmly believe that our last stand is this November's mid-term election. Make it count my fellow Americans, make it count!
God help this nation.

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