Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We The People

Please notice at the end of each Blog Post, I have made it easier for you to share my "We The People Blog" with your friends and family. You can share this Blog by simply clicking on the one of the various share buttons. Please use them, and use them often, the more people we inform regarding the state of our nation, the more people we can awaken from the Obama slumber.

The above Youtube video, is a must see, and a must pass along. It is very professionally done, and conveys an extremely powerful message to Obama, and his minions. I urge you to turn up your sound and watch this in it's entirety, and then send it to everyone in your address book.

We must stand together, and fight this treacherous president, or we will lose our freedom, and our liberty. Obama is doing all he can to remove God from our nation, to corrupt the morals of our children, and to bring Islam to power in America. We can not under any circumstances allow this to happen.

You must get out and vote for Christian Conservatives this November. If High moral standards, honesty, integrity, and God are not reestablished in our government, all, I am afraid will be lost. If you can vote, then vote, if you are eligible to vote, and you are not registered to vote, then shame on you!!! Get registered, and get out and vote!!! Our country, and your children and grand children are depending upon you.

GOD help our nation. All things are possible with GOD!!!

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