Sunday, May 2, 2010


Well, well, well, deep subject, huh? It appears that a car bomb, full of propane gas, gasoline, some timers and batteries was located in Times Square, New York City. Janet Napolitano, thinks it's a terrorist attempt. So far though, she's not sure who's behind it. Here's a hint Janet, they are of some type of Arab descent, they hate Americans, all Americans. They especially feel that Jews and Christians need to be eradicated, or exterminated, which ever you prefer. Let's see what else, okay, they read the Holy Qu'ran, and they belong to the most intolerant, barbaric, brutally murderous and peaceful religion in the world. Just ask Obama, he'll tell you, after all, it takes one to know one. Anyone coming to mind yet Janet? Perhaps I should simplify a bit more for you. The car bomb was located ominously near the Viacom building, like spitting distance. You remember Viacom Janet, that's the home of the South Park Cartoon Series. I'm giving Janet Napolitano all these hints, because I know she's smart enough to use them in naming the culprits. Then again, she did make the ludicrous statement that " Our southern border is still as secure as it ever was." Isn't that a statement worth remembering? So this is what I suggest Janet, get together with Obama, Reid, and of course Pelosi, perhaps the four of you can figure out what my clues mean. If not, here is one more opportunity to figure it out, multiple choice, it will give you the best possible chance at success:
Question 1. Who is responsible for placing a deadly car bomb in Times Square, near the Viacom Building?

Possible Answers: (A) Jihadists

(B) Radical Muslim Terrorists

(C) Followers of Islam

(D) Tea Partiers, under the command of Sarah Palin

I know that it will be extremely difficult for you not the choose (D), but if you did, you are every bit the buffoon we all know you to be. If you chose (A), (B), or (C), you may just be headed in the right direction. If Obama, Reid, and Pelosi chose (D), then I guess because they are so very much smarter than "We The People", there's at least a 25% chance they could be correct. Which would make all of you jokers more correct about anything you ever have been since you all took command. Once again, I'm not accusing anyone, the evidence is in your hands Janet, I suggest you choose wisely.

God Help This Nation!!!

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