Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This entire Times Square bomber thing is really getting under my skin. I can't believe how many politicians, including New York City's own Mayor Bloomberg, were ready to blame the incident on a disgruntled TEA Party member. I know he didn't come out and say it, but you could sure hear the expectation in his assertion that, it just had to be someone who was upset with Obama's health care plan. This guy is right up there on the idiot list with Janet Napolitano, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi. We all know that the Washington, D.C. and the New York leftist elite were hoping the bomber was a militia man from the mid-west, someone who clings to his guns and his Bible. But of course it wasn't!!! It was however, a Muslim Jihadist Pakistani-American, who follows Islam, you know that peaceful religion Obama keeps telling us about. Obviously this Faisal Shahzad was just a victim of misinformation. He probably wasn't in the Mosque that day the Imam spoke of peace and tolerance of all mankind and other religions. Sort of like Obama attending Reverend Wright's church for twenty years, and claims he never heard any racist or anti-American rhetoric.

When are our politicians from every level of government going spines? Whatever happened to wrong, is wrong, and right is right? What ever happened to leaders who were able to discern good from evil, and weren't afraid to speak out about it? Look, I really make an honest attempt to be tolerant of everyone, but I draw the line at Islam, it is not a religion of peace, it has been brainwashing it's followers for thousands of years. Our leaders, and our law enforcement people are going to have to wake up. Islam is a pestilence upon the earth. It's not the people, it's the religion itself that is corrupt and violent beyond repair. There are many things that we as freedom loving people can tolerate, however, the religion of Islam is not one of them. Islam, will not tolerate Christians, Jews, Hindus, or Buddhists, so how are all of us expected to accept Islam as a peaceful religion? Islam is not conducive to cohabitation in any country or with any people. Those words are from the Muslim Holy Qu'ran. I for one, tired of bending over backwards to be politically correct. The religion of Islam is the enemy of every civilized society on the face of the earth, because Islam wants it that way, period!!! I am sick and tired of being labeled a racist, or bigot, or an Islamaphobe, I am none of those things. I do however love my country, and it's citizens, and I am ready, willing and able to defend our Constitution against all who would tear it asunder, and that includes our own President. Another thing this country needs to get straight. When aliens from any country, and that includes, but is not limited to Mexico, come into the United States of America without permission, they are in fact criminals. At the alien's first footfall on American soil, they have broken the law. There is no need for new immigration reform laws, if the Federal Government will not enforce the Immigration Laws already on the books, what makes people think they will take new laws seriously. If Illegal Immigrants do not respect our immigration laws and our borders, there is no reason to expect they will abide by any other laws of this country. To give illegals amnesty is slapping those who came here legally in the face, and calling them "sucker!!!" Amnesty is a reward for committing a crime, we are a nation of laws, not people. All people must be required to obey the laws, regardless of where they come from. I would liken Illegal Alien Amnesty to the same amnesty afforded the draft dodger's from the Vietnam War. Our government rewarded them for being cowards, and the rest of us took our place on the wall, 58,000 plus died there, while the cowardly draft dodgers broke the law, and received the hero's welcome home. This government started going down hill when amnesty was granted to the draft dodger's and it's been rewarding all the wrong people for all the wrong reasons ever since.

Get up and wake up, a government that can give you all you want, can and will take it away from you at some time. I am not an Islamaphobe, or a racist, I am however, an Obamaphobe, because what he and his Progressives are doing to our country scares the he** out of me, and it should frighten you too.
Illegal Muslim terrorists are coming across our southern border too, don't forget that Janet Napolitano, or is it " Incompetano" ?

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