Friday, May 7, 2010 - Tensions High at California High School Following Flag Flap

Is this it, is this what our new flag is going to look like? Have you wimpy politically correct, liberal, bleeding heart, inept politicians forgotten that America is a nation of Laws, not a nation of Men? Obviously tolerance is more important than the rule of law in this country. I guess it doesn't matter what you've done wrong, because each law is going to be bent and twisted, and distorted to fit your individual case. If you want to bomb an airplane, it might be okay, if you are distraught, or under pressure from your particular religion, and if Allah demands that you do it. In America, you get a special dispensation of the law. If you are an Illegal Alien from well, just about everywhere, and anywhere, that's okay too, because not every state has a law that says it's "Illegal to be Illegal." Is the only Governor with a backbone, the Governor of Arizona. Apparently that is a correct assumption. I don't see any other state willing to take on the Federal Government regarding this Illegal Immigration problem. My deepest respect and highest esteem I freely give to the Governor of Arizona. God Bless Her, her Congress, and State Senate for taking on this monumental task of cleaning up, where the Federal Government has failed miserably. It's time our local government to cast off the yoke of political correctness, and wrap themselves in an American Flag. It's time for our Tennessee Governor to follow in the footsteps of the Arizona Governor. Illegal, means Illegal, and this country doesn't need more laws to enforce, it just needs the guts to enforce the Immigration Laws already on the books.
When you click on the link above, you see the story of five teens who were told to remove their American Flag tee-shirts and bandannas, because it was Cinco-de-mayo. Not surprising, the school principal was of Hispanic heritage. That fact probably had nothing to do with his unbiased decision, no, not much!!! The last time I checked, California was still part of the United States of America. Also, the last time I checked my calendar, Cinco-de-mayo was a Mexican National Holiday, not an American Holiday. Students, who are proud American citizens, should be allowed to wear their American Flag tee-shirts all year around, yes even on Cinco-de-mayo. Unless, of course there is a dress code policy in place that strictly forbids the wearing of patriotic clothing, and then it should encompass all patriotic clothing, regardless of country of origin. The students who skipped school to march in Cinco-de-mayo protest, should be treated as the truants they are. The parents of these student protesters need to fined, and or punished to the fullest extent of the Truancy Laws of the State of California. That's assuming that California has at least one law left that hasn't been usurped by political correctness. Equal justice is supposedly what these illegals came here to get, because there is no fair treatment in Mexico, perhaps it's time we begin doling out the equal justice. You break the law, you pay the price, no matter whether you "habla" or not. Regardless of whether you are Caucasian, black, red, brown or yellow. The Law is the Law, period!!!

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