Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No Government Is Respectable Which Is Not Just

"Without unspotted purity of public faith, without sacred public principle, fidelity and honor, no form of government, no machinery of laws, can give dignity to political society." (Daniel Webster)
If lying to the American people carried a mandatory punishment of death, how many politician's heads would have rolled off the chopping block by now? Strange question, you ask? I don't think so. Have we ever taken count of how many lies are told to We The People every single day? I'm not really sure how one can measure the honesty and integrity of another, but I know where that measurement should begin. It should begin at the onset of any attempt to run for public office. If a candidate says what he/she means, and means what he/she says, there should be no problem discerning between a lie, and the truth. If we could appoint the liar squad to monitor a candidate's authenticity of speech, wouldn't that be nice. The liar squad's entire job would be to compare notes from one public speech to the other. If a lie is detected, the public would be informed, and an immediate public trial would be held. If the candidate is proven to have told a blatant outright lie, then he/she would have to be punished. The only problem with this system is, I really don't think there would one politician left standing. Lies permeate our government from the president on down. I mean all of the administrations, not just democrat or republican, I mean all past administrations, except maybe, George Washington's administration.
When we vote this November 2010, it is imperative to scrutinize these candidates for honesty and integrity. If they lie to get elected, they will certainly lie after being elected. Our new Senators and Congressmen will have to be vetted, and thoroughly vetted. This upcoming election may well be America's last chance to retain it's freedom. If we are to take away the power from the present administration, and congress, it is imperative that honesty and integrity be top priority in our decision to elect. Our newly elected officials must held to a much higher standard, actually, they must be held to the highest of standards. Loyalty to the Constitution of the United States, if protecting and governing in accordance with the Constitution is a problem for a candidate, they must not be allowed to take office. If a candidate doesn't know when life begins, they must not be allowed to take office. I know when life begins, we all do, if it isn't above our pay grade, then it shouldn't be above our leader's pay grade either. We already have a president who has a problem with that very issue, if it is above his pay grade, then I say he's already being paid too much. If a candidate expresses any willingness at all to work closely with the United Nations, he/she does not belong in office. The sovereignty of the United States is already in jeopardy, we don't need more leaders who are willing to sell us out to multiculturalism and multi- nationalism. If the candidate is loyal to Islam, we can not under any circumstances allow him/her to be in any position of power. Islam is a festering boil on the butt of humanity, it is cruel, archaic, and barbaric in nature. Islam has absolutely no place in a civil society, as it is not civil. Any Qu'ran believing Muslim is just one fatwa away from being a murdering terrorist. No man or woman should ever again be allowed to take a oath of public office on the Qu'ran. The man who was allowed to do that needs to fired, or voted out of office. Islam can not, and will not assimilate to any other society. Those are the words from their own holy Qu'ran, not my words.
Bottom line, be very afraid of who you are willing to give power too, the power they have, will be
the power over you!!!

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