Thursday, February 25, 2010


Behold the "dhimmi"!!! A dhimmi is a person who is under Islam's protection, at least they call it protection, actually, a dhimmi pays Muslims "jizya" more commonly known in the west as bribe/protection money. An example, are Christian who live in the Muslim world pay their Muslim neighbors, not to, well, kill them, or take their land or personal effects, even their sons and daughters. It's not good being a "bhimmi', not in any language, or any part of the world. Agreed? Agreed!!
There are dhimmis here in America, we call them appeasers, apologisers, left wing socialists and pacifists. As Winston Churchill said, " An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last." How profound is that? Very profound!!
Muslims have two ways of taking over a society. One way is what they call the salami way, you know, one slice at a time, no one pays attention to that, and no one opposes either. Then there is the dominant behavior method, we all know how that works, demand, demand, demand, threaten, threaten, threaten, and soon they get want they want. Muslims have used the salami method in Denmark and Europe. Here are a few examples coming soon to your community, or one near you: Muslims demanded special times for MUSLIM WOMEN ONLY to use a PUBLIC swimming pool, because Muslim women aren't allowed to swim together with men. They were allowed that time, there's one slice gone. Then, Muslim men demanded curtains in the changing rooms and shower room, because Muslim men are not allowed to show themselves in front of other men, they got their curtains, another slice of salami bites the dust. Now Muslim children in public schools also have special showers and changing rooms. Muslims can't even be dead together with so-called non-believers in mortuaries or in hospitals. Muslim relatives have demanded special rooms for their dead family members. Guess what, they got that too... In some cemeteries, all the dead are buried facing Mecca, Muslim, or not. In England, a church was converted to a mosque and the Christian graves were simply bulldozed away, as only the Muslim dead are to be respected in the now "dhimmi" Europe and England.
This list goes on, and on. In tomorrow morning's blog, I will finish the list I have compiled. If this complete list of special rights and privileges doesn't want to make you throw up just a little bit, you obviously are one of those appeasers, "feeding the crocodile". Be very aware of the Muslim infiltration, and subsequent Muslim influence in your neighborhood.

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