Friday, February 26, 2010


Yesterday I began a short series warning everyone to be on the alert for Islamic infiltration, and influence in their respective communities. Here is some follow up information showing how Islam has in all actuality conquered Europe, and the United Kingdom.

BANKS in the U.K. have been forced or shall I just say coerced into removing children's "piggy banks", as pigs a offensive to Muslims. BANKS in the U.K. now offer "Sharia Banking, because Muslims are not allowed to pay interest, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that give them a little financial edge on everyone else? All over Europe and in the U.K. Muslims have demanded praying rooms in schools, and they got them. The way things are going in America, the Muslims won't need to demand praying rooms, they'll be able to do it in front of our Christian students that have been denied the opportunity to pray in school. The "unemployed" in the U.K. are required to accept any kind of job that is offered to them, unless of course you are an unemployed Muslim woman. They are exempt, and may refuse any job that requires contact with men, or pork meat. I don't don't see any special rights or treatment here, do you? In Oxford, England, the town has changed Christmas into "Winter Festival" so as not to offend Muslims. However, there are loud speakers in Oxford that call Muslims to prayer five times a day. In Denmark, 99% of all poultry is now halal-slaughtered ("halal" is some form of hokey holy Qu'ran style of butchering"). Believe it or not, a fee is paid to Muslim organizations for every poultry that is slaughtered. Nice racket, huh? Many large food and fast food chains like KFC only offer halal slaughtered poultry. Many schools in Denmark now have women only PTA meetings, as Muslim women are not allowed to interact with men. That's a pretty good out for all those fathers who never really wanted to go to those meetings anyway, NOT!!!

Those should be enough examples to get my point across. It is important to realize, that this type of appeasement does not satisfy the Muslims, to the contrary it emboldens them even more. After they have coerced all they can from westerners, then the second phase goes into effect. The Muslim communities will begin to play the dominant behavior game. Throwing rocks and stones at police, firefighters, and ambulances as they pass through predominantly Muslim areas. The intimidation begins as crimes against anyone who is non-Muslim. Western women are targets because they are easily frightened, and intimidated. In Copenhagen for example, Muslim gangs have made special zones where people will be body searched if they want to pass through. Muslims also use rape as part of their dominant behavior strategy. Sweden, for example is the most compliant nation of all the European countries and they have one of the highest rape rates in all of Europe. It is reported that most of these rapes are committed by Muslim men. In Norway, politicians said women must dress in a way, that doesn't invite Muslim men to rape them. Are we seeing any civil rights being violated here, or is it just me? In the Muslim world, women are considered half of a man, so they aren't equals, where are the women's organizations like NOW?

It is time for America to wake out of this euphoric nothing can go wrong here attitude. Try to grasp this, Socialism, Communism and Islam are collective totalitarian doctrines. This is the reason all three are so compatible. Understand that the European Union acts secretly, deceiving the European people about the infiltration of Islam while at the same time, removing all evidence of democracy. Look up the "passage of the Lisbon Treaty"... Also read the "Barcelona Treaty", and don't forget the " Euro-Mediterranean Co-operation. All of these have been designed to institute Muslim, Communism and Socialism throughout Europe, and the United Kingdom. It's all part of the slow death of freedom, and democracy. Ever hear about the "death of a thousand cuts"? Well, this is it people, the first 500 cuts is in Europe and the U.K., these Muslims are saving the last 500 cuts for the United States. Don't think you'll feel it? Think again!!!

In the exact words of Anders Gravers: " Violent, economic, cultural and stealth jihad is the knife slicing the salami of freedom." It is time for us to take the slicing knife of jihad, stop the mosque building in America, stop Sharia Law and Sharia finance from taking a foothold in our America. Christians of all denominations need to band together to fight this Muslim influence in our towns and schools, and retail stores. The Western world must stand together to ward off this pestilence that is infiltrating and corrupting our society. Islam is a cancer, and it will spread though our entire country. God Bless America, and pray for the conversion of Islam.

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