Monday, February 22, 2010

Newsmax - Beck Wants GOP to Confess Like Tiger Woods

I have sent this page containing Glenn Beck's Keynote Address to CPAC. It is every bit of a full hour long, but believe me, it is worth listening to. In my opinion, this speech given to CPAC just last Saturday 2/20/2010 was Glenn Beck's finest hour. His address included everything we Conservatives need to know. Glenn has identified America's problem, and identified the cure. If we can only get our newly elected 2010 representatives to carry out what must me carried out, and not fall into the Progressive Trap, America can and will survive, and once again become the prosperous nation it once was. If We The People once again realize that our rights come from God, and God alone, that the White House has never given us a right, we as a nation will be on the path to recovery. I encourage all of you to click on the link, be prepared to take an hour out of your busy day, and listen to Glenn Becks Address, you won't be sorry. You will however be enlightened and inspired, I promise!!! ~Jer

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