Friday, November 20, 2009


Our country is dying my friends. Doctors Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, are operating where no operation is needed. They are systematically severing this country's very arteries. They are about to remove the very core of this nation's being, the heart of our Republic, they are about to remove the Constitution of the United States. If any of these Health Care Bills should be passed, if the Cap and Trade Bill should be passed, if the Environmental Treaty should be signed in Copenhagen, this Constitutional Republic will in fact lose consciousness, slip off into a deep coma, and expire right before our eyes. In essence, the Obama operation will be a success, but the United States (patient) will fail. It is imperative that we stop this administration from succeeding in this operational endeavor. I am praying as hard and as often as I can that our Lord will open the eyes of our legislator's before it is too late. Obama is overloading the system, and We The People can just barely keep up with the amount of trash the White House is dumping on every citizen's front yard. Even skeptics must see that there is an agenda to this. No one, and I mean no one can make this many errors in judgement. This is a matter of life and death for our nation. Call your representatives, email them, write them. These massive Bills put before congress and the senate must be stopped, our future, and the health of our country depends on it. Make no mistake, Obama and the progressives are operating on the heart of our nation, they, if successful, will rebuild and fundamentally change our country. Obama promised he would, and he is doing it, one illegal unconstitutional law at a time.
There is of course another disease growing in this nation, a pestilence so vile, it threatens every American, young, old, female, male, black, white, red, and yellow. That disease is the spread of ISLAM. Our government officials are ignoring this deadly disease, they are NOT warning the people. The government, and even many military leaders are so consumed with political correctness, that they refuse to see this enemy within. We as a country must see this enemy for who and what it is. Do not be fooled by the terminology "Peaceful Muslim". These people will not assimilate to any other way of life, they will not tolerate any other religion. They are loyal only to Allah, and contrary to what liberal's may tell you, Allah is NOT the same God that we Christian's worship. More on this at a later time. For now, it is extremely important that Christian's and Jews especially, and all American's remain vigilant, and alert. The spread of Islam is very, very much a reality in the United States. Our enemies surround us, they're everywhere, from our federal government, to our local government. BE AWARE!!! God help this nation!!!

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