Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I know they lied, and you know they lied, and they know they're still lying. 

  The real question is:  What are we going to do about it once the entire nation and the world knows they lied?
  There are some TV talk show hosts, Mike Huckabee for one that speculate and Obama resignation is in the offing once this bombshell of truth explodes over the airwaves.  I'm not that optimistic.  I'm not even sure that there will be a "truth bombshell".  When I consider that these "whistle blowers" are expected to lower the boom on the most diabolical, deceitful and underhanded president we've ever had, my guess, right now is that all the "whistle blowers" are behind locked doors shaking in their proverbial boots.  Let's face it, these people are not only risking their careers, but they are risking their lives far beyond the danger they felt in Benghazi.  At least in Benghazi, the enemy was foreign, this time they will be making an enemy of two of the country's most powerful people.  Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are a force to be reckoned, that's for sure.  But it doesn't end there, does it?  No it does not, to be sure.  When you expose liars of this political caliber and stature to the public, they will not take it lightly.  Let us not forget, the number of politicians, cabinets members, CIA officials, FBI officials and Military officials that were most certainly complicit in this travesty of treachery, injustice, murder and treason.  If they accuse Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton of treason, which it most certainly should be, they will also be calling out Obama's entire administration.  Unless Obama and Hillary can defend themselves, they will be like cornered razor back hogs, and a counter attack will be imminent, and will most certainly ensue.
  These "whistle blowers", if they go through will their planned statements that will level accusations of incompetence, treachery, and blatant treason against the United States, it's people and definitely it's ambassadors and agents abroad, their very lives will be put on the line.  If they actually testify to the accounts of truth that say they will, they will be perhaps the only people involved in this Benghazi debacle that will be keeping their oath to the Constitution.  The other four men, have already proved their loyalty to America and to their fellow associates when they died to save them from certain death at the hands of barbaric Muslims.  Should these "whistle blowers" hold truth above status, honesty above careers, and integrity above complicit treason, they should all be awarded medals of the highest honor, and be treated to a ticker-tape parade.  We know that that will not be the case, don't we?  They will get no awards, no honors and no parade.  They will be at the very least, demonized by the left, chastised by the elite, and maybe even murdered by a mob of hardline Obama supporters.  
  These "whistle blowers" should be esteemed in the same way we esteem the founding fathers who inked their signatures at the bottom of the Declaration of Independence.  You see, these "whistle blowers" should realize by now, that what they do in this hearing tomorrow will make them marked men.  Just as our founders pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor, so do these brave men.  
  With their testimony tomorrow, perhaps a new light will be shown on the good attributes of honesty, integrity, truth and oath's kept.  Perhaps the rest of this nation will come to the realization that dishonesty, deceit and treachery has been prevalent too long in politics at all levels of our government.  
  Maybe their bravery will give us all pause when the next election comes to pass.  Maybe We the People will once again have our free nation back.  Perhaps it is the beginning of a new and refreshed nation at all levels of government.  
  Honesty, Integrity, Truthfulness were all attributes of our Savior Jesus Christ.  Maybe this truth telling will be the only revolution this nation needs.  A new revival in faith, hope and love.  A new refreshed revival to worship our Lord and ask His Divine intercession in the decision making process for our nation.  With Divine Providence, morality will take hold once again, and once again we will have something right and good to offer the world.
  It may be optimistic for me to hope for these things to come to fruition.  I am extolling optimism because of my faith in God, not in mankind.  I can pray that these brave men speak truthfully to America, because they know that God is on their side, and regardless of the outcome of their testimony, God will honor what they do, and reward their efforts.  
  As a word of caution, my expectations of their testimony and the ensuing reactions are not high.  
"God bless them if they do what is right, God help us if they do not."
The Watchman        

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