Thursday, April 25, 2013


  I sit here this morning reading news story after news story.  I can't remember when in my entire life I've been so frustrated.  I can't remember when I've felt so betrayed.  I am experiencing the same feelings I did back in 1969 as a returning Marine from an unpopular war, and my fellow Americans chastised me, called me a baby killer and spat on me right there in the Los Angeles international airport.  I felt like an expatriate then and as I read all these news stories, I feel I no longer know my country.  I no longer have a culture.  I no longer have free speech, and I'm watching as my countrymen try erasing my God from every aspect of life in this once God fearing nation.  One thing that disheartens me deeply, is the fact that it is those same Liberal/Progressives that called me "baby killer", are now the same ones who advocate the murder of millions of unborn babies right here in America.  Is America upside down?  Oh yes it is, and it's inside-out too. 
  What is Obama up to?  We already have enough proof to have him locked in irons and tried for treason against the people and the Constitution of the United States.  Yet, he isn't in shackles, and he isn't rotting in the Super-Max prison.  Anyone with an ounce of sense can see that our president is driving America into the Socialist pit of no return, yet so many Americans will defend him and his actions.  Why?  I have no answer for that!
  Here are a number of things that have happened under the Obama administration, please read them and then you tell me what he's up to.
  1.)  February 9, 2012:  Barack Hussein Obama signs Executive Order 13600, "Establishing the President's Global Development Council", which is an enhancement of the 2010 National Security Strategy and the Presidential Policy Directive on Global Development.  In actuality this E.O. is admitting that this nation under Obama is submitting to a global agenda and advocating a "global governance".
  2.)  March 16, 2012:  Barack Hussein Obama signed the order on National Defense Resources Preparedness, which expands the Defense Production Act of 1950, and gives the president (Obama) the power to take over America's national resources and infrastructure for reasons that are no longer limited to time of war or declared states of national emergency.
  3.)  April 13, 2012:  Barack Hussein Obama signed another Executive Order with the title " Supporting Safe and Responsible Development of Unconventional Domestic Natural Resources."  This order is Obama's personal pathway to a complete takeover of the natural gas industry and any related businesses.  It creates an oversight committee to be chaired by none other than Cecilia  Munoz, who is also the chairperson of the "White House Domestic Policy Council.  You'll recall that that particular council connected the infamous George Soros and a number of other Socialist Villains who are extremely antagonistic to any privately owned concerns that produce energy in the United States.
  4.)  Now consider that Obama's Dept. of Homeland Security just recently requested for acquisition, 450 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammunition.  Bare in mind, hollow point bullets are NOT used for target practice, as they are much to expensive.  If my memory serves me correctly, hollow point bullets are against the Geneva convention for warfare, so why then and how will it be used domestically?  You tell me.
  5.)  Just recently, Obama has secured for the Executive Branch, unfettered authority to execute American citizens that are deemed a threat  by the White House.
  6.)  Numerous unconfirmed reports have indicated that the Department of Homeland Security has ordered MRAPS, (Mine Resistant Anti-personnel Vehicles).  Again, why?  Is DHS contemplating a war against the American people, or just against the American people who will resist at all cost, the chains of tyrannical government?
  7.)  During a recent Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, then Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Martin Dempsey stated unequivocally that they do not get their authority from the U.S. Constitution, but they take their orders from the United Nations and from NATO, both of course are international bodies where the American people have no democratic influence or oversight.  Why would they admit to that if it weren't true?  Is it because they know that the American people and their elected representatives can do nothing to undermine the U.N. and NATO authority?  Have the American people already been rendered helpless by this Obama administration?
  8.)  Last on this short list, but certainly not the least of troubling government activities:  There are a number of reports that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) quarters are being readied in a number of U.S. locations, ostensibly for disaster relief and protection of it's citizens.  Really???  Relief from what disaster, and or protection from who?
  My trust in the U.S. Government under Barack Hussein Obama has been irreparably shaken.  The American people have never in my recollection, been lied to so much, for so long, from so many elected and appointed government personnel.  I have no faith in Obama or anyone he commands, he is a liar, a wolf in sheep's clothing, a serpent and in my personal opinion, an apostate of Satan.  Obama is diabolical, deceitful and extremely dangerous and detrimental to this nation and to the people who reside here.  I caution those who listen to his speeches, be aware that the truth is not in him, and therefore he cannot speak it.
  So okay, if I'm wrong about everything, then I should be concerned about nothing, right?
Ephesians 6: 10-18  
  Then you, tell me what Obama is up to!!!

God Help Us
The Watchman   

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