Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Martial Law, or Protection of the People?
The Fine Line May Have Just Been Crossed!

April 15, 2013
Watertown, Massachusetts
Status:  Locked Down

The time was approximately 2:50PM EDT.  Two explosions rocked the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon.  3 bystanders are dead and an undermined number of men, women and children injured. 
  A frightening scenario by any standard, especially here in the United States of America.  There are countries around the world where incidents like these are quite commonplace.  Israel, Egypt, Syria, just to name a few places, where the residents have been dealing with Muslim terrorists for so long that bodies and body parts flying through the air in the immediate aftermath of an exploded IED (Improvised Explosive Device), are part of everyday life.  But not here, not in America, how can this be?  People are asking this question; What have we done to deserve this?  Well, the answer is:  We haven't done anything to provoke or deserve this.  We are simply Americans, we are Christians and Jews and Protestants.  What have we done to deserve being the target of barbaric radical Muslims?  The answer is:  We tolerate, we appease and we as good hearted, gentle and generous Americans embolden the brutality and barbarism, from a culture that despises us for no other reason, than our good nature.  Islam is an archaic culture.  We are the target of their hatred because we live free, we have liberty, we rights of free speech (for now that is).  Members of the Islamic culture and so-called and like named religion, have none of these freedoms or liberties, and they don't feel we should have them either.  It is the expressed goal of Islam to rule the world through the establishment of a new Caliphate and under Islam's Sharia Law.  We, the infidels or non-believers in Allah are merely in the way of Islam's conquest plans, therefore we infidels, must either convert to Islam and Sharia, or we must be eradicated.  This is why we are the recipients of Islamic terror.  America and the West's biggest error in judgment is the invitation to the worlds radicals, regardless of religion or culture to come to America, and be one with us.  Americans are not informed, for the most part, many of us think with our hearts instead of our brains.  We "tolerate the intolerable and we tolerate those who do not tolerate."  Islam cannot and will not assimilate to the Western freedom and liberty culture, it is against their belief.  So what is happening?  We Americans and Western populations in general are being forced to assimilate into the culture of Islam.  Already our freedom of speech has been curtailed, when it comes to telling the truth about Islam, the truth is labeled bigotry.  We are forced to see women in burkas having their driver license picture taken, what good is that? They cannot be recognized when only the eyes are seen.  The departments of motor vehicles may just as well take pictures of their derrières, they pretty much all look alike too.  We Westerners are so apathetic we can't see our own culture, such as it was, being sapped, and replaced slowly with Islamic culture. This being accomplished out of fear.  It is the Islamic way, fear and intimidation through threats of violence.  The occasional IED that kills a few but maims hundreds is Islam's way of letting Americans know who is in control of our country.  Our own government, law enforcement, and politicians are so direly afraid of Muslim reprisal, they pretend to endear Muslims as friends, hoping, praying and shaking in their shoes that Muslims will not react violently.  We have an enemy in this country, and we have invited them here.  Our enemy is the nation of Islam.  They are here to stay unless they are driven out.  We in America have a freedom of religion written right into our Constitution.  Our Constitution forbids the establishment of a government religion, but what do have staring us in the face?  Our present government administration is so very pro Islam, that other truly peaceful religions are being forced to give way to Islam.  I caution all Americans and Canadians to familiarize themselves with the enemy within the gates, that enemy is Islam and the soldiers are Muslims and they are training in a Mosque near you, just like the two nice young Chechen Muslims who murdered 3 and injured hundreds on April 15, 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts.
  ON another note:  An experiment was performed on the unsuspecting citizens of Watertown, Massachusetts on April 15, 2013.  The experiment in "total control" of an entire town by law enforcement agencies.  It worked like a charm, the people of Watertown were ordered to go home, stay in their homes and lock the doors.  Watertown businesses were ordered to shut down, because no one would be at work or shopping.  These orders were given under the pretense of "public safety", after all there was one young man considered, armed and dangerous on the run and he was presumed to be in Watertown.  Allow me, a question please?  When was the last time a criminal was on the loose in any city or town, that caused that city or town to be locked down, and where all law abiding citizens were ordered confined to their homes until the danger was over?  I'm thinking, never before!  So, why this time?  Sure this criminal was armed, but aren't most criminals armed and dangerous to the rest of society?  On any given day, say in the cities of Chicago or Los Angeles or Las Vegas or even Nashville how many evil minded, cold blooded, murdering thugs and gangs, run unabated on the streets?  How many of those cities have ever been shut down and locked down until one single bad guy was apprehended?  That's right, none of them, at least not yet!  
  Was the lock down in Watertown, Massachusetts for the safety of the people, really?  Or, was it an experiment in psychological control, through the power of suggestion, that caused all the Watertown residents to obey, without question a law enforcement agency edict to voluntarily lock themselves in their homes, cowering in fear, and not come out until they were told it was okay?  I wonder how many Watertown residents actually took the time to ask themselves, why this criminal is so much more dangerous, so much more of a threat than any other common thug, with a gun from some other nearby city?  Was the media in compliance with the federal and local law enforcement agencies that planted the suggestion in every one's head, that this one single solitary individual was more threatening than any other common criminal that law enforcement deals with every single day?  Did the way the media reported the manhunt, instill blanket fear into the residents of Watertown?  So much fear that they became like the Eloi?  
  I'm not saying that this was a psychological experiment in population mind control or even in group control through the power of suggestion.  But if it was, then it worked magnificently.  If it was an experiment, be prepared to have it repeated more often and for longer periods of time, and in larger populated areas.  Make no mistake, the goal of this government is control, not simply gun control, or financial control, or energy control.   The bottom line is "people control".  If you can get the population to accept without question, orders to lock themselves voluntarily in their homes, then forced confinement may not be necessary at all.  Think about it!!!
God help us,
The Watchman          


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