Sunday, April 21, 2013

Federal Gov't Power to Rule Citizens "From Cradle to Grave"

  While the nation spent 5 days sitting on the edges of their seats, glued to TV sets watching the video loops of the Boston Marathon bombings, and the subsequent investigation, track down and ultimately the shootout that left one Muslim Chechen terrorist dead, and culminated in the dramatic capture of his younger brother from the back yard of a home in Watertown, MA.  You'll never guess what our president had foremost in his mind!
  Check out the link above, this is something you'll have to read for yourselves.  Remember what I said about Obama?  You got to watch both of his hands simultaneously.  He is a master deceit and a skilled diabolical slight-of-hand artist.
  Take it from me, Islamic terrorists are not the only dangerous things we Americans have to watch out for.  The Republic's enemy number one, is sitting in the White House.
God Help Us,
The Watchman


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