Friday, October 19, 2012

10,000 missing missiles! AND NOW, THE FREE WORLD IS A HOSTAGE TO ISLAM!

  As if the preventable tragedy at Benghazi wasn't bad enough, with 4 Americans being brutally murdered by Muslims.  There seems to be a problem locating 10,000 Russian made shoulder fire missile launchers.  Wherever could they be Mr. President?  That is one question that needs to be addressed at this Monday's final Presidential Debate.  
  When you consider that our illustrious director of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano thinks our borders are as secure now as they've ever been, one can only hope she's that confident, all the while knowing of course she is lying through her teeth.  The simple fact is our borders, both Southern and Northern are every bit as porous as they've ever been, and that's a fact.  According to U.S. Border Patrol statements, many unidentified Muslims have been sneaking across our Southern.  Actually, using the word "sneaking", is kind of a misnomer, as illegals of every national origin no longer have to sneak across our border.  Thanks to the Obama administration, the Border Patrol isn't even detaining illegals.  Of course the Border Patrol has no choice in the matter, orders are orders.  Meanwhile, the influx of illegal Mexican nationals, South American nationals, and terrorists from any number of enemy countries seem to be welcome in this country, they must be, after all no one is checking, are they?  Given the story of this latest incident of a student from Bangladesh being apprehended for attempting to explode a 1,000 pound bomb in D.C. at the Federal Reserve Building.  Makes me wonder when the last time a student visa was actually vetted prior to giving it out.  
  I can hardly wait for those 10,000 missile launchers to show up somewhere in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas or California.  I might lay odds that there are plenty of them already in the U.S., any takers???
  The one good thing is that there really doesn't need to be another 9/11 style Muslim attack on American soil.  We have an administration that is virtually giving America away to Islam already.  If Obama gets re-elected, or finds some other diabolical way of retaining office, the new Muslim Caliphate won't have to fire another shot.  Islam will rule the United States by attrition.  There are just to many legislators and local government officials who are frightened to death of offending Islam, that they will simply give in and appease, until they have ceded their authority to Islam.  
  In essence, many of our nations elected leaders at all levels have no guts and would rather appease than fight an enemy.  Thereby speeding up the demise of this once free nation.  Submitting to Islam, bowing to Allah by becoming Sharia compliant, it's our future, if we don't stop it now, right now!
God Help Us
The Watchman        

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