Monday, October 15, 2012

It's official in Florida: Blacks can't be held to same standards... a sad day for the human race !!! - The Constitutional Conservatives

Take a close look at this picture, you can see an Asian, some Whites and a number of Black  students.  Who do you think the state of Florida decided is the least capable of learning?

  Attention parents and teachers and students around the nation.  It won't be long now until your race determines your ability to learn and perform in school.  Click on the above link and read what the Education Dept. in Florida has just voted to do.  Separation of students abilities by their race will become the new standards for education in Florida.  Hmmm, I thought we got past this racial segregation thing along time ago.  Apparently I was wrong in that assumption.
  This article is of extreme importance to any parents living in  predominantly race minority school districts, not just in Florida but every state in the country.  
  If you are parents of Asian descent, your children will be expected to learn at a higher standard than Caucasian children and Caucasian parents, if your students are in school they will be expected to perform at higher academic standards than Hispanic students and Black students in the same grade level.  This an insult to the parents of Black students in America and to the students themselves.  It is also an unfair and racially bias system that puts undue burdens on Asian, White and Hispanic students.  Basically, the Florida Dept. of Education has decided that Black students are not capable of learning on an equal set of standards as Asian, White and Hispanic students.  If I were the parent of a Black student in Florida I would be outraged at this latest government attempt at segregation.  
  I would caution other state education boards that may be entertaining this same racially based education system.  Because there are some students that have been left out of the race-based standards in grading and education.  These would be the steady growing population of Muslim students in this country.  How will it be determined what category they will fit into?  Many of the Muslims in America are both Black and Muslim.  It would be most advantageous to remember that leaving Muslims out of the racial grading standards will offend Islam, after all, virtually everything offends Islam these days.  We all know how offending Islam is borderline breaking the law in this new politically country we live in.  CAUTION!!!  If you are adjusting grading standards for Asians, Whites, Hispanics, and Blacks, where do you put the Musims and other races or colors into the mix, will they just fall into "Other" category?  We do have a Native American population in America, hmmmmmm, where do they fit into this new education standard?  Can you say "unintended consequences"?
  I would highly recommend the state of Florida table this entire system before it creates a huge firestorm of lawsuits and protests from any minority, regardless of how minor the minority.  
  God Help Us
The Watchman

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