Friday, September 7, 2012


That's right Mr. President, America's problems can be solved, only not by you!
    President Barack Hussein Obama, stood before a captive, and I do mean captive audience and said:  "America's Problems Can Be Solved."  I wholeheartedly agree with him.  One would assume that the President responsible for creating America's problems, would be capable of solving them.  It would be a matter of simply reversing his direction from destroying America, to building America.  But, that's not going to happen, is it Mr. President?  No it's not.
  America wasn't built on lies and deception, it wasn't built on Socialist principles, and it wasn't built on the premise that redistribution of wealth would be the standard.  America was built on the fundamental knowledge that our inalienable rights were endowed on us from our Creator, not the government or some government entity.  Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and are described as inalienable, because they cannot be taken away, sold or for that matter given away.  Our Creator, the God of Jacob, Issac and Abraham endowed us, as human beings with these rights.  A government, of the people, by the people and for the people.  We, as American citizens are in every way shape and form, the "government".  We elect officials to represent us, and to lead us in the right direction.  When the government is no longer afraid of the people, then our republic, such as it was, ceases to exist.  We are American citizens, we are a free people, we are NOT the "subjects" of our own government.
  America has had four long years of lies and dishonest and disingenuous ideologies of this president and his administration.  We have watched as our elected officials have removed our God, and replaced Him with Allah, and money, and the government itself.  It is time for all Americans to do some very serious soul searching.  In less than two months, the election that will determine the course of this nation's direction, will take place.  This election will either right America's moral compass, or forever send it spinning into oblivion.  Once America gets to "oblivion" there will be no need for a moral compass.
  It is my opinion that "We the People", must take a stand here and now, another four years under this president and our Republic will be only history.  For the sake of our children and grand children, if we want them to enjoy even a modicum of the freedoms and liberties we have enjoyed, Obama must be ousted.  The other Socialists in congress must also go.  This November election must make a statement for Christians of all denominations that no government, not even the one we put in place can take away our God.  This election must be a referendum on the Socialist policies that Obama has been putting in place, a referendum that dictates and overwhelming NO to Obama's Socialist manifesto, a no to the ideologies of Saul Alinsky, Francis Fox Piven and Frank Marshall Davis.  
  There should never again be a bill voted on by congress, signed by the president that no one has read.  Never again should the American people be told by a nincompoop like Nancy Pelosi or a nimrod like Harry Reid that a 'bill" must be passed so the we can find out what's in it!"
  God Help Us and Guide Us Through This Upcoming Election.
The Watchman

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