Thursday, September 27, 2012



  How is it that Barack Hussein Obama manages to lie to all of America, and all of the world for that matter, and get away with it? This is a question that begs to be answered.  
  According to a poll (the exact name escapes me), in the state of Ohio, Obama has a 25% lead over Romney among women.  I would love for some woman to explain to me what is it that attracts female voters to Obama's side?  It must be the smile, it's certainly not his performance as president, because that, in essence has been pathetic, and borderline treasonous.  It simply amazes me, how anyone who still has a functioning cerebrum could vote for Obama. I have been under the impression, for pretty much all my life that women were the mother bears, much like Sarah Palin describes herself.  I know my mother would never hesitate putting herself between us kids and danger, it was her natural motherly instinct.  Do these 25% of Ohio women, who are obviously swooning over Obama, realize the destruction his policies will wreak on their children?  Is Obama really that mesmerizing?  I just don't see the attraction!  Mark Levin hit the nail on the head during his radio program last evening, 9/26/12 when he called Obama "the greatest political child abuser in history."  It doesn't take much convincing to agree with Mark 100%, all you need to do is look at, and realize the tremendous amount of debt and the unfathomable deficits that will destroy this nation and place unrelenting financial burdens on our children and grand-children, and their children.  
  It doesn't end there, not even close, there are dozens of questions that still require an answer.  Try this one on for size:  While the president was out tripping the light fantastic in Las Vegas, and hob-nobbing with the other elites, the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya was under radical Muslim siege.  Our Ambassador was being sodomized, brutally tortured and then murdered and drug through the streets.  Obama, in his usual way, blamed the entire incident on a 4th rate YouTube video that somehow insulted the pedophile prophet Mohammad.  But that wasn't the cause, was it Mr. Obama? No, it wasn't.  The cause was the fact that there are Muslim terrorists, radicals and yes Mr. President they are all followers of Islam, they worship a false god named Allah, and they murder anyone they consider infidel.  Islam is a deception all it's own, and like you Mr. President, Islam is a dire threat to the entire civilized world!  How else can you explain the reluctance of civilized societies to take a stand against Islamic infiltration, and their demands?  Because the civilized world leaders are frightened to death of those oh so peaceful reprisals.
   Here's another question:  What ever happened to those two brave Navy Seals that were actually in a safe area when the Muslim siege began on the Benghazi America Consulate.  You remember, the two brave souls who left their safe spot and ran to the Consulate to protect the Ambassador, as soon as they heard of the Muslim attacks.  Sure, we heard they were killed, but how were they murdered Mr. President?  Were they tortured, sodomized, beheaded perhaps, how did they die, Mr. President?  It wouldn't surprise me if Obama didn't even know the answer, because Obama doesn't care who those men were, who their families are, or how they died.  Barack Hussein Obama has an agenda, he intends to see that agenda through to fruition, and every American needs to know that the agenda is the destruction of the United States as we know it.  
  Okay, not enough evidence to convict Obama, how about this?  The anniversary of 9/11 has always been a day where extra security precautions were implemented at every American Embassy and Consulate around the world.  Everyone from the CIA, FBI, NSA, TSA and the Pentagon know that Islamic jihadis are fixated on dates and that dates and anniversaries have significance to them.  Even though Obama and his treasonous cronies have erased all mention of Islam, and radical Muslims from all security training manuals, in their hearts we all know that that doesn't make them go away.  Want proof?  Look to all the American Embassies and Consulates that came under siege by so-called moderate and radical Muslims throughout the Middle-East and North Africa, no less that 2 weeks ago!  Contrary to statements by our illustious Secretary of State, and our President, there are no democracies in the Middle-East or North Africa.  There is however a growing world threat from the controlling Muslim Brotherhood in all those Arab Spring young democracies.  Only a complete imbecile would believe that the Muslim Brotherhood was even remotely interested in establishing a democracy.  This entire Obama administration was, is and will continue lying to the American people.
  The one thing that disturbs me most, is that there is No outrage from our so-called Conservative congress.  There is very little outrage from the American people.  Has political correctness so demeaned the American fighting spirit that now apathy is the new spirit of America?  
  Islam makes me sick, Mohammad makes me sick.  Islam is the crux of world upheaval, it is a pestilence on all that is right and good.  Islam is a culture of violence and deception and brutality right out of the stone age.  There will be no peace in the world as long as Islam still exists.  If that makes me an Islamophobe, if that makes me a bigot and a racist, if that makes me intolerant, then so be it.  I see myself as no more intolerant than Islam is of everyone they call Infidel.  I am proud to be an Infidel to Islam.  I am ready, willing and able to fight against the Islamic cancer that is taking over the civilized nations and peoples of America and the world.  If I have insulted Islam or Mohammad in anyway, then I want you to know, it was my intention to do so.
God Help This Nation and the Free World
The Watchman

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