Friday, August 31, 2012


Does this look like a man who is ready to give up the White House?

  Last night, I finished watching the Republican National Convention.  I watched every night and listened to every speaker.  I was impressed with Ann Romney, Condaleeza Rice, Paul Ryan, Clint Eastwood, Marco Rubio, and  Mitt Romney.  In consideration of the past three and a half years of listening to the Obama administration's lies and deceit, and follow-ups of their cover-ups, it was refreshing to listen to people who actually conveyed an honest concern for the direction our nation is headed.  The GOP convention literally  exploded with men and women of integrity, honesty and faith in God.  Each day of the convention instilled a little more confidence in my heart, and little more peace of mind in my brain.  Is it possible for America to drag ourselves back and away from the edge of this Socialist/Progressive abyss that Obama has us teetering on?  Can we truly restore our economy, restore our place in the eyes of the world.  Will our enemies know that America will stand with it's allies?  Will our allies once again trust America and it's elected leaders to stand by them?  Will America once again have a strong military, will America's leaders once again profess their faith in God, and restore the Constitution?  I came away from this GOP convention with renewed confidence, that we as a united America can accomplish these goals.  A renewed faith that there will be elected leaders whose goal is to help America to prosper, not tear her down.  Leaders who will once again encourage entrepreneurship, competition and reward success.  I pray that the White House will soon be occupied by a President and First Family that loves God, and loves America, and all she stands for.  A President and Vice President that will rekindle the shining light on the hill, that has been all but snuffed out over the past 3 years.  This should be the prayer of every Christian man, woman and child in the United States, and the prayers should be unceasing.  
  The prayers must be unceasing because, we are still under the Obama administration.  Obama is deceitful, diabolical and ruthless in his pursuit for power, and his determination to retain his control over the people of America.  It would be a serious and dire mistake to sell him short.  If for any reason Barack Obama would somehow retain his seat as President, it will be a fatal blow to this Republic.  Do not underestimate Obama's treachery or his ability to make things happen, even when it appears that they can't possibly happen.  Obama is not yet finished with his agenda to destroy this nation and bring us down to a 3rd world level.  He is still determined to ruin the economy, divide the classes and races, build dependency on federal handouts, replace morality with immorality, and he doesn't care who gets hurt in the process.  
  As much as my hopes for a free and fair election to take place in just over two months, I remain skeptical.  The inside information coming from a source within the D.H.S., still tells me that there is a plan in the works to stop this election from taking place, if the polls do not show Obama with a substantial lead over Mitt Romney in the final 60 days leading up to election day.  I don't want to believe it, but after the successes Obama has had with his unopposed executive orders giving him (the White House) total control over virtually everything from energy to commerce, from food production to food distribution, from banking to currency, from communications to transportation and travel.  I cannot help but to be very wary of the things that may be reported, or that may occur in the very near future.  Within the next 60 days, if the polls do not show that Obama has a lock on the presidency, according to an inside source, there are a number of plans ready to "GO HOT", with just one word from the White House.  Involved in these plans with Obama are Valerie Jarret, Janet Napolitano, and a few of the Czars that Obama has placed in strategic positions across American political spectrum.
  Events and scenarios to watch for:  The perfect crisis that will result in a presidential edict, calling for marshal law imposition on the United States.  Don't forget one of Obama's last executive orders, gives the White House sole authority in the determination of what is constituted as a national crisis.  It is also necessary to realize that the crisis will be staged, it will not truly exist, no matter how authentic it appears.  Watch the news for incremental upticks in "white supremacy violence and threats"  these will be fictitious in nature.  In order for Obama to once again gain the sympathy as the victim of racial hatred, the plan must consist of White supremacy violence.  Do not rule out a staged attempt on the lives of Obama and or his family members.  "Keep in mind, if it appears that Mitt Romney  will be elected, white supremacists will have no reason to threaten the life of Obama or his people."  That will be a blatant flaw in any staged assassination attempt.  With Mitt Romney headed to the White House, the racial motivation will be nullified.  Another staged scenario would be a subversive attack on America and perhaps a staged event by fake Tea Party people to overthrow the government.  "Keep in mind, that since the Tea Party has become so influential in the politics of America, what better group to implicate in a subversive anti-establishment, anti-Obama event crisis?"  The closer we get to election time, the more likely a staged national crisis will occur.  If Obama is not a "shoe-in", be very wary of the events to be reported on the media.  
  In the last year, the D.H.S., the T.S.A., the F.B.I. and numerous other law enforcement agencies have been made to turn their suspicions away from Islamic extremists, and ordered to keep watch on peaceful organizations like the Tea Party, according to Janet Napolitano, America's biggest threat to national security will come from disgruntled former military veterans, and conservative Christian based organizations, who believe in the Constitution as the rule of law.  A concerted effort to control the ownership of weapons by the American people is not progressing fast enough for Obama, Hilary or the U.N., therefore, a staged national crisis will be required for Obama and his minions to seize total control over the country and it's people.  Under marshal law, the military can be used within the borders of the United States to maintain the peace, and preserve domestic tranquility, at least that will be the story.
   I pray from the bottom of my heart that these things will not take place, and that a free and fair election will render Obama harmless and out of office.  However, I will not let my guard down, and I encourage all of you to remain vigilant and extremely skeptical of reports that may just show up, if the political winds turn against Obama in the next 60 days.
God Help Us
The Watchman        

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