Friday, September 28, 2012


I have seen the 4th rate amateurish video that the Islamic community appears to be all up in arms about.  Although it was poor in it's production, the video's context was about as accurate as it could be.
The behavior of Muslims certainly tends to bear out the videographers claim to Muslim senseless violence, Mohammad's pedophilia, womanizing and barbaric character.  Sometimes, the truth just hurts, doesn't it?
Americans will never submit to any censuring laws passed by the UN or even our own corrupt, politically correct administration. 
Let's face some real facts, shall we?  Number one, this video hasn't been viewed by 99% of the Muslims who are rioting in the streets, murdering Americans or calling for the repeal of America's 1st amendment.  Muslims only demand that every free thinking person keep their opinions and truths to themselves if it offends Islam, Mohammad or the local Mufti.  They will claim 1st amendment rights for themselves however, because they need to continue insulting Christians and calling for the annihilation of Israel, because in Muslim eyes, that's okay.
As long as Islam is appeased, there will never be peace in America or anywhere else in the world where there is even a modicum of Islamic Muslim influence.
God Help Us
The Watchman

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