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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Honors Muslim Terrorist
  If anyone has doubts regarding God's control, check this out. 
We all know that New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie was on GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's short list for V.P., but God led Mr. Romney to choose Paul Ryan instead of Gov. Christie.  If that is not a blessing, I don't know what is. 
  When Chris Christie first came on the scene, I was like most conservatives who were sick and tired of watching Republican politicians being berated on national television by the oh so Liberal media.  So, newly elected Governor Christie was a real breath of fresh air.  He appeared to be a man of principle, a strong man who just wasn't going to take any far left media's stupid "gotcha" questions.  Nobody was going to push this Governor around, no sir!  He was able to let all those "fat" jokes, and "fat" insults roll right off his back, and stayed his course.  Governor Christie made some remarkable conservative accomplishments, for a man in charge of one of the most Liberal states in the union.  Speaking of unions, Gov. Christie was able to put public unions in their place in New Jersey, something that no one thought was possible.  The unions did not frighten him, not a bit.  His successes in tackling his states huge tax and deficit problem are undeniable.  What is also undeniable, are the states unions still can't stand this guy.  In my mind thoughts were racing around, I could see him as President one day, maybe even in 2013.  I was even disappointed when he said unequivocally "I have no intention of running for President of the United States."  I thought to myself, here we have a man who appears to be virtually incorruptible, unreachable by those special interest lobbyists.  A man that would stand on honesty and principle, a man who wasn't afraid to tell the truth to the American people, what integrity this man would bring back to the White House.  Alas, I was wrong, and fortunately the Lord prevented him from running for President and prevented him from being chosen as Mitt Romney's V.P. running mate.  Truly, the Lord's wisdom is way beyond mine.
  Beneath all of Governor Christie's bluster, lies a weak man, a man who is incapable of recognizing his worst enemy.  A passive man who can be taken in and made to submit to Islam.  I would have never thought it, no, not for a moment.  But, it's true.  Gov. Christie has had the proverbial wool pulled over his eyes by a Muslim terrorist Imam.  (Imam Mohammed Qatanani, described as a radical Imam, an Imam who is so "terrorist affiliated", even the far left Liberal leaning Dept. of Homeland Security wants him deported), is now Governor Chris Christie's best Muslim buddy.  A July 29, 2008 court filing said Qatanani was guilty of "material misrepresentation," "has engaged in terrorist activity" and "engaging in unauthorized employment...by allowing an out-of-status alien to reside with him."  "It is certainly suspicious when a person who has been convicted of being a member of, and providing services, to Hamas, who has personal ties to a Hamas militant leader, and a Hamas fundraiser also sends undisclosed cash to the West Bank".   
  Imam, and best "Chris Christie buddy" has another court date scheduled for November 26, 2012.  Taking into consideration Islam's unabashed statements as to their intentions for American, I find it more than just a little disconcerting that Chris Christie has such a close personal relationship with Muslim terrorist.  How do I know that Gov. Christie has a close relationship with this terrorist Imam?  Here is a quote from Governor Christie made on July 24th of this year, at a Ramadan dinner hosted at the New Jersey Governor's mansion:  "I call him friend.At a speech given at an event in Princeton, Gov. Christie stated the following:  " In all my interactions with the Imam, he has attempted to be a force for good in his community, in our state with law enforcement, with those of us who have gotten to know him for the years."  He continued:  "I hope that what you see is a constant strain of conduct for me.  I will judge people based upon their relationships with me and the way I observe them conduct themselves, and while there may be other issues at play and I will certainly consider those if other facts come in.  I will tell you the folks who are my friends will continue to be my friends as long as they continue to conduct themselves with integrity and honesty and faith in common value and the things that make our state a better place."  It's plain to see that this bold statement made by Gov. Christie, proves that his knowledge of Islam is at best, either very limited, or non-existent.  Governor Christie needs to be educated regarding Islam's plan for America and the civilized Western hemisphere.  It's not like Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood and numerous other Muslim factions, organizations and Imams haven't made their intentions known.  The Islamic plan for a New Caliphate, the destruction/annihilation of Israel, the overthrow of Christianity and the all Western governments, the replacement of the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights with Sharia Law, all have been touted over and over again.  Unfortunately, like many of the lame-brains in Washington, D.C., Governor Christie refuses to believe the Muslim rhetorical threats.  While at the same time, state after state, bank after bank, local government after local government, school system after school system are becoming "Sharia Compliant".  
  This nation has a large enough problem with a Muslim "Promoter In Chief" in the White House, we surely do not need a V.P elect who also embraces Islam more than the welfare of American Christians, Jews, Women and the American citizenry as a whole.
  I'm not sure if Gov. Christie embraces his "friend" the terrorist Imam because he's trying to prove how brave he is, or if he has just been deceived.  If he is trying to prove his courage in the face of Islam, he certainly won't accomplish it by embracing them, that's a fact, others have tried it to no avail.  Appeasement in the eyes of Islam is simply weakness!  Perhaps the threat of what non-compliance to Sharia might do to his state, is the catalyst behind his submission to Islam.  Then there is always the thought that in his attempts to bluster, bully, and boldly befriend an enemy of the American people is just, that " ignorance" that often accompanies the big bullying, blowhard type.
  Regardless of the reasons behind Christie's appeasement,  political correctness and tolerance of the destructiveness of Islam, I am elated beyond words that he was NOT chosen to be Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential running mate.  I see it as an opportunity that the Lord has given America, to make the right choice this November, if in fact there is a fair and free election.  In his book "The Audacity of Hope", on page 261 Barack Obama alluded to the fact that if political winds should shift to an ugly direction, he would stand with immigrants to this country.  (I am usure as to what political winds he was referring, his political winds that bring about the demise of his dictator aspirations, or what?)  It is important to understand the he was speaking about his concern for Pakistanis and Arabs in America, (Legal or illegal, again I am unsure.) at the start of the paragraph.  To me, his intention was plain.  He was raised under Islam, and although I question that he is a dyed in the wool "Muslim", I have no doubts that his loyalty to Islam is, and always will be unshakable.  Also in Obama's writings, it is self-evident that our President is first and foremost an anti-White racist, numerous quotes in his books not only allude to that, but his racially motivated statements are pointed and abruptly offensive to his mother's race.  Disconcerting?  It is to me.  Enough about Obama and his thoughts, back to Governor Christie.  We have seen and felt what it is like to have an administration that refuses to recognize the enemy for who and what it is.  Had Chris Christie actually been elected to be Vice President of the United States, the continuing appeasement of the enemy within, would certainly become the norm.  I am not exactly sure where Mitt Romney stands on this infiltration of the West by Islamic Stealth Jihad forces, but there is no doubt in my mind that Chris Christie in his abundant and flagrantly misguided acceptance of Muslim terrorists as his "friends", would be a dire influence on the new President, and consequently fatal for the unsuspecting American people.   
God Is Helping Us
The Watchman

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