Saturday, June 30, 2012

The picture of an Epic Failure of the U.S. Armed Forces

Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a disgrace to the military to the human race and to the United States Army.

Fort Hood jihad mass murderer again barred from court because of his Muslim beard - Jihad Watch

A picture of the Muslim Terrorist within.

  Major Hasan has managed to spit into the faces of the U.S. Army, the families of his victims, and all of America once again.  Because this low-life murdering coward of a man decided not to appear clean shaven as required by Army regulations for his Court Marshal, he was able to get his trial postponed for another month.  The beard growth Nidal Hasan is sporting keeps getting him barred from the court room.  The Army judge says his appearance doesn't meet with the Army's dress code for military proceedings.  If that isn't the weakest excuse for not trying him, I don't know what is.  All I can say, is that he is lucky I am not the judge officiating at his court marshal.  I would have his half paralysed body propped up with a saw horse if necessary, beard or no beard, the trial would have been over a long, long time ago.  Nidal Hasan would have been publicly executed by firing squad, and thrown out of a military transport over the deserts of the Middle East, wearing a sign that read Allahu Akbar.  
  The United States Army should be ashamed of their justice departments.  The Pentagon should by now be making public apologies to the American people for their lackadaisical efforts in trying this Muslim Terrorist Criminal.
  It is my opinion that allowing a Muslim, any Muslim into the U.S. armed forces is a blatant exercise in stupidity as seen in a number of instances since 9/11, a total failure of epic proportions.  Somehow allowing members of the enemy forces into our own doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.  The very idea of taking members from a culture that is sworn to allegiance by their own holy book to destroy America and Israel, then purposely placing them within the ranks of one's own military seem more like suicide than anything else.  I just do not understand where the logic is in such an asinine act of stupidity, by so-called military experts.  I also have a very difficult time understanding how our military generals and commanders can stand by and listen to Barack Obama and the Attorney General refer to this terrorist act as simply "workplace violence".  Here's a hypothetical scenario to ponder:  If a White House Staff member were to blow away the entire First Family, all the while screaming Allua Akbar, would the military and the DOJ call it an assassination, or would the act be classified as "workplace violence"?  Do you see how inane a title for Hasan's, obvious "terrorist attack", "workplace violence" is?
  I am becoming more and more disillusioned with America's military Generals and the Defense Department.  We have an Army that refuses to call a terrorist a "terrorist", refuses to call an act of terrorism and act of "terrorism".  An entire group of Generals that are afraid to stand up to a President when wrongfull orders are handed down.  How about America's Air Force?  Our Air Force has become so politically correct, that they have utilized taxpayer money to build a grotto of sorts, where there Atheists and Witches and Warlocks can go pray, but they will nolonger participate in any Christian charities.   To whom does the Atheist pray, anyway?  Here's one, a couple of years back, our United States Navy shared America's nuclear power capabilities of ships and submarines with the Chinese Navy.  Hooray for the red, white and blue!!!  Our military leaders have become a bunch of weak, lilly livered, politically correct puppets of the Obama administration.  It appears the only really good, brave and ethical military officers have either retired or died.  When our military commanders decide that it is politically incorrect to recognize the enemy, when the President (the so-called Commander In Chief) orders the military to not search out and fight the enemy, because it might offend that very enemy, then the problem, isn't just the White House, it's the military leaders too!
  Nidal Hasan, should have been tried and executed months ago.  Just a hint for the military judge Col. Gregory Gross.  The blatant out right cold blooded murders of 13 fellow soldiers didn't meet with U.S. Army protocol either.  The defense team for Nidal Hasan doesn't need more time to prepare a defense, because there is no defense.  Nidal Malik Hasan, Major, United States Army confessed to murdering his fellow soldiers in cold blood, because he is a "Muslim", and he is obligated to kill the enemy infidels.  Where is the defense?  What possible defense could be brought forward that could even remotely justify the act of terrorism, perpetrated upon fellow soldiers that resulted in the deaths of 13?  
  Try this pathetic excuse for a soldier, and an even more pathetic excuse for a man.  
The Watchman              

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