Wednesday, July 4, 2012


From one "rainbow"

To the other!

In another valiant attempt to completely destroy this nation, Obama has the Navy using fuel that cost the American tax payer $26.00 per gallon as opposed to $3.60 per gallon of diesel.  Just think, the other day a Navy tanker left Washington state with 900,000 gallons of bio-fuel that will be used to refuel Obama's "Rainbow Green Fleet."  A little breakdown in dollars:  900,000 gallons of bio-fuel just cost the tax-payers $23,400,000.00 dollars.  Just to put things into perspective, 900,000 gallons of diesel fuel at $3.60 per gallon is, or would have been a mere $3,240,000.00.  You can do the math.  Wouldn't drilling for America's own fossil fuel make more sense?
  It was just last February when Obama was thanking the troops for their courage, bravery, selflessness and teamwork.  At the same time, to prove just how thankful he was Obama was planning on tripling the TriCare health premiums.  C'mon, somebody has to shoulder the cost of $26.00 per gallon fuel he has the new "Green" fleet using. 
  When you understand exactly where Obama is coming from, and consequently where he's going, the Green Fleet makes all the sense in the world.  Undermining the effectiveness of our military has been one of Obama's goals ever since the inauguration 3 and half years ago.  I think that most Americans can see his agenda by now.  Thanks to Obama, we have male soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines lovingly, and openly holding hands in the ranks.  There are even those sweet moments when two male sailors are kissing hello on Memorial Day.  (Pictured above.)  We have Obama signing a SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty) where America gives up most of it's nuclear capabilities, while Russia gives up nothing.  We have a president who thinks no one heard him as he whispered to then Russian president Medvedev that he will be able to surrender even more of America's might, as soon as he's reelected.  The when he was caught on audio and video tape making this treasonous deal, the main stream media made light of the entire episode, as did the president himself. (Just a note; I haven't heard anything about this act of treason being investigated by our irrelevant congress, have you?)  Now, we have the "Green Fleet", the Carrier Strike Force that purposely will cost the Navy and the taxpayers 7 times more funding, just to keep the ships moving.  Oh yea, that makes a lot of sense, especially now when the nation has achieved an Obama national debt of 16 trillion dollars.  We now have a Secretary of the Navy who wants to prove that the Navy can be just as effective using fuel rendered from algae, seeds, and corn, or sugar, as it does by using inexpensive by comparison fossil fuels.  My question for Navy Secretary is:  How long can you continue to fuel this fleet and how much of the fleet can you keep afloat at a rate seven times higher than the normal operating fleets?  The president and the Navy may be able to prove sea-worthiness, but at what cost?  In my opinion, the entire exercise will prove to be Pyrrhic in nature.  
  I know what I'm about to say is like blowing into the wind, but, I really don't believe that it is the Department of Defense, the Pentagon or any military agency that should be financing the bio fuel industry.  Seriously, is it any wonder why companies like Solazyme Inc. are bidding on these government subsidized contracts to provide bio-fuel to the Navy?  After all, the last small batch of algae based bio-fuel from Solazyme cost the Navy $424.00 a gallon.  Multiply that by 20,055 gallons, and Solazyme picked up a cool $8.5 million dollars of taxpayer money.  I'm not sure about you folks, but I think I can see where this is all heading.  Solazyme is going to tap the taxpayers for literally billions of dollars, and then it will go under, not unlike Solyndra and the other "Green" technology companies Obama has invested American taxpayer capital in.
  You must understand, that it is not Obama's intent that these "Green" companies, experiments, research & development investments be successful.  It is imperative to the Obama agenda that he waste as much money as he can in a few short years by overloading the economy, knowing full well that the entire "Green" energy scam is just what it appears to be, and just what it was created to be.  Global warming, turned to Climate Change is by all standards of deceit, a fictitious and     magnificent hoax, based on false science, in order to break the economy of the United States.  That's it in a nutshell.  Obama doesn't care that Green energy won't work, he doesn't care that 20-30 million Americans have health care insurance, he doesn't care that 40 million Americans are surviving on government food stamps.  He's inviting more and more Americans to become dependent on the government for food, clothing, health care, shelter.  The ultimate Obama goal is to financially destroy this country, and to usher America into a One World Order government and a One World Religion, and an open borders society that cannot possibly be sustained.  Obama doesn't care that Gays have rights, or that women have rights or that any race has more than the other.  The Blacks, the Whites, the Browns, the Reds, and the Yellow races in America will all suffer the transition to a third world nation on an equal basis.  Only the elites will have any comfort under the One World Order.  The government handouts must and will come to an end.  The once great American melting-pot cities will become cauldrons of hate, divisiveness and violence.  The immorality that permeates this nation will continue to grow, honesty and integrity will be forgotten attributes.  Obama' goal was to cause huge divides between the peoples of America, not to unite them.  The results of Obama's efforts are more than apparent to those who will open their eyes.  
  There is only one place of safety in this world, and that is in the hands of Jesus.  The faithful will be persecuted for His name's sake.  The victory of the faithful, is not in this world, but in the life everlasting salvation provided for us by Jesus.  I strongly suggest that every man woman and child get closer to God.  Things will not get better unless mankind repents and turns back to God, prays and asks forgiveness.  God promised that if his people did this, He would hear from heaven, and heal our land.  God doesn't break His promises.
God Help Us
The Watchman         

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