Monday, June 25, 2012


This article specifically concerns the state of Tennessee, but it is certainly not exclusive to Tennessee.  Sharia (Islamic Law) is without a doubt coming to a neighborhood near you.  You may just want to look around and see who your Governor is appointing to offices in your state house.
  Just recently, Governor Bill Haslam of the state of Tennessee appointed as International Director of at the Department of Economic and Community Development, one Samar Ali.  Ms. Ali is a Tennessee born and raised Muslim.  According to Tennessee's state house, Samar Ali is a White House Fellow, she has worked with the Senior Staff of the Department of Homeland Security, and she currently holds a Top-Secret security clearance.  (If these credentials are supposed to make me feel better about Samar Ali, I'm afraid they have missed their mark.  I have little faith in the allegiance the occupants of the White House has for America, and I have even less faith in Janet Napolitano and the DHS.  As for Ms. Ali's Top-Secret clearance, my guess it was issued by DHS, and I don't hold much respect, as I stated for DHS.)  Lets keep in mind that several Muslims in America have held high security clearances, Mohammad Elibiary for one.  He was the special Muslim who in 2011 was taking classified confidential documents from the Texas Department of Public Safety, peddling them to the media, in an effort to portray Gov. Rick Perry as an Islamaphobe.  He is also the Muslim that honored Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini and referred to him as a "great Islamic Visionary".  Important note here:  It was Janet Napolitano that swore in Elibiary as part of her advisory council.  Elibiary was given access to a nationwide database that included FBI watch lists and other sensitive material, guess what?  Mohammad Elibiary also held a Top-Secret security clearance.  Please do not get me wrong, I am not in any way shape or form comparing Samar Ali to the following Americans who just happened to become subversives.  Jose Padilla, Faisal Shahzad, Nidal Hasan, Anwar-al-Awlaki, John Walker Lindh, Tennessee's own Carlos Bledsoe (aka. Abdulhakim-mujahid-muha), and last but not least, Adam Gadahn (aka. Adam Perlman).  The point I am trying to make however is that being an American citizen does not make you exempt from scrutiny.  Samar Ali is not simply a Tennessee born American citizen, she is also Muslim.  A Qur'an believing Muslim, always and without exception puts Islam and Sharia above all else, and that includes the U.S. Constitution and the Tennessee Constitution for that matter.  
  Placing Muslims in positions of any authority is not only engaging in Sharia compliance, but condoning Sharia and accepting Sharia as a viable resource to growing Tennessee communities.  Once a local or state government bends to Sharia compliance, that Sharia compliance will become a dominant force in local government, always has, always will.
  The aspect I find most disturbing is not the appointment of Samar Ali to her new Tennessee post, it is the fact that Governor Haslam is entertaining the idea that Tennessee become Sharia compliant.  There is no reason for Tennessee to be studying Sharia compliance and hiring Samar Ali, if Tennessee is not planning on becoming a Sharia compliant state.  It was my impression that the practice of Sharia Law was banned in Tennessee.  So, how can one distinguish between Tennessee attempting to be Sharia compliant and Tennessee actually complying with Sharia?  In essence, complying with Sharia Finance Systems, is actually being Sharia compliant, as Sharia Finance is an aspect of Islamic Sharia Law.
  Lets, get one thing straight out and on the table, Islam is the only cultural belief system that demands special practices and rights when it come to finance.  Catholicism, Baptists, Presbyterians, and numerous other faiths, of Christian and non-Christian denominations make no such demands on society as a whole.  Islam demands and gets what it wants, because societies as a whole are frightened to death of Muslim reprisal should those demands not be met.  Which of course brings up the question; is Tennessee just another state that will bend to appease the Muslim demands for special treatment?  If the answer is no, then why did Governor Haslam appoint an expert Sharia Finance Muslim to the Department of Economic and Community Development, if not to use her expertise in the field?  
  It is well know and even touted by the Muslim Brotherhood that their goal is to make all of the Western hemisphere part of the Islamic Empire, the new Caliphate, if you will.  Why is it so difficult for American citizens, to take the Qur'an believing, Mohammad following Muslims at their word, when they say, they must convert you, or make you slaves of Allah, or kill you, should you resist?  Stealth Jihad is just one way for Islam to accomplish their goal of world domination.  Getting a Muslim scholar into an appointed state government office, is just the beginning of stealth compliance to Islamic Sharia Law.  The stealth part, is Governor Haslam doesn't even have an idea that the appointment of Samar Ali, is in fact, being Sharia compliant.
  I do not know how devout a Muslim Ms. Ali is, or is not.  It is important to remember that if Samar Ali is a true devout Muslim, a Mohammad following Sharia Law practicing, Qur'an believing Muslim;  Then her devotion to Allah, Mohammad and Islam is her first priority and her loyalty to the United States Constitution does not truly exist.  As Islam is the antitheses of our American Constitutional Republic, and one cannot put both allegiances in the same position of utmost importance, at the same time.
  Many Americans will deny it, hide from it, or just plain ignore it, but that will not make America's enemy go away.  America has an enemy in Islam.  America did not declare war on Islam, Islam declared war on America.         
God Help Us
The Watchman

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