Friday, May 25, 2012


Jennifer Braly
Bobby Montoya

Natalie Johnson

Above are the pictures of two supposedly transgendered people.  One is a man who attends the University of Arkansas, he/she calls himself/herself Jennifer Braly.  The other is little 7 year old Bobby Montoya.  His mother insists that Bobby wants to be a girl, so mommy lets his hair grow long, and now Bobby (still a boy) is a Girl Scout.  Our third picture is that of Natalie Johnson, a former Macy's employee from San Antonio, TX.  Natalie, a champion for all things right and good, was fired from Macy's because she refused to allow a man (dressed as a woman) enter the lady's dressing room. 
  These stories are only a few of the Transgendered Chronicles.  At least that's what I like to call them.  The case of Jennifer Braly at the University of Arkansas, she/he is a 38 year old, anatomically correct male, who dresses like a woman, and feels HE should be allowed to use the Women's restrooms all over the U of Ark. campus.  His/her reason for this insistence is because there aren't enough unisex campus restrooms.  So, you ask why, if (he) has the male tools doesn't he just use the men's rooms?  Your guess is as good as mine.  However, Mr./Ms. Braly contacted the DOJ ( none other than our racist, bigoted, Atty. General Eric Holder).  The DOJ penned a letter to the President of the Univ. of Ark., stipulating that the University needs to rethink their policies.  So, at the behest of the DOJ, the university now allows alleged transgendered men to use the women's restrooms.  In the interest of justice however, where is the justice in causing embarrassment and uneasiness to the super majority of straight women on campus?  Who is the university going to assign the duties of determining what a transgendered man is, and what he isn't.  Who will it be that has the duty to keep any perverted male from entering the women's restrooms under the guise of a transgendered male?  Personally, if it were me, and I was paying tuition to the University of Arkansas or any other school of higher learning that has caved to the homosexual agenda, I would pull my daughter from that school so fast, the Dean's head would be spinning for a week afterward.  But, that's just me.
  The case of little 7 year old Bobby Montoya whose mother insists that he insists that he is/wants to be a girl.  Please forgive me if I'm a lot skeptical on this one.  For one thing, I doubt that any 7 year old boy is aware of his gender unless he has been coached by, in this case his mother.  Questioning one's own gender at the age of 7, seems to me relatively unfathomable.  Personally, I think mom wanted a girl, and she was blessed with a boy instead.  Mom however, isn't happy with the Lord's choice for her, so she insists that her SON, Bobby is a girl, she spends an exorbitant amount of time convincing Bobby that he is a girl.  As most children, Bobby doesn't wish to disappoint mom, so in his mommy-warped little mind, Bobby assumes the gender of female.  I may be wrong, but in this case I believe that mommy is guilty of mental child abuse, and should be charged with that offense.  What is happening in the Montoya household is no less criminal than physically beating little Bobby into submission.  In the Marine Corps, we called it "brainwashing"!
  The constant appeasement of the Homosexuals and their agenda by this administration, and by Progressives in all, is nothing but a condoning of perverted morality.  We call it Moral Relativism, simply put, anything goes as long it makes you feel good.  Our society is becoming more and moral anti God, anti morality with each passing day.  In my opinion, Satan couldn't be happier at this point in time.  The more our children become indoctrinated into a moral relativistic society, the more children will be led away from God and consequently down the road to Perdition.
  Just as society does NOT have a right to lead our children astray, we, as Christians do not have the right to allow it to happen.  Turning away from the indoctrination of your children, will not stop it from happening.  The majority of good, honest, Christian people, must take a stand against this perversion.  The time is now, and if we don't take the stand, God will certainly ask us to explain why.  We must do what God wants us to do, live righteously and keep His commandments.  Love our children and raise them in the way of the Lord.  "And inasmuch as it is appointed unto man to die once, after that judgement."  After we die, it will be too late.  We are obligated to lead our children down the narrow path of salvation.
God Help Us
The Watchman  

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