Tuesday, May 29, 2012


How many enemies can one nation have?  It's limitless!  America's enemies are no longer at the gate, they are in our midst.

  Just when you think you've figured out who and what the enemy is, you find that in actuality, you've only scratched the surface.
  Above left is a Federal Document from 1961, and you can see from the title, it's a plan to literally disarm America.  I found the document by accident while searching for information regarding Hillary Clinton's support and signing of the American/UN small arms treaty.  A treaty that must have Congressional ratification, not unlike the Law of the Sea Treaty, that hands over much of the territory that once was sovereign United States territory to the United Nations.  I understand that both of these crucial treaties are to be voted on by our congress sometime in this coming week.  Should either or both of these treaties gain congressional approval, it will be a devastating blow to the freedom and liberty of the American people.  Time to call your congressman's office, and discourage them from passing these evil treaties.  I highly encourage everyone to Google the document and read it for yourselves.  You may be able to pull it up, by clicking on the picture itself.  Either way, please for you own information and enlightenment read the document.  It has long been known that the United Nations and many American presidents have been involved in the planning stages for a One World Order.  With Barack Obama in the White House, the New One World Order may come to fruition in just a couple of years from now, if not sooner. 
  Another enemy is of course Islam.  Islam professes to be a religion, a peaceful one at that.  The way they show how peaceful they are, is to murder anyone who doesn't accept their way, their prophet Muhammad or their god Allah.  I never knew that one could be a peace loving religion and a murdering horde all at the same time.  That, in essence is what Islam is.  It is a culture, a theocracy and a self contained way of life.  The words "religion" and "peace" have absolutely nothing to do with Islam.  Good Qur'an following Muslims are terrorists, and they will commit atrocities in the name of Allah, in order to secure themselves a place in their heaven.  Islam is many things, but most of all it is a barbaric horde of uneducated, tribal sheep with swords, who will follow the leader to their death.  Muslims do not fear death, they look forward to it.  Can a Western culture defeat an enemy that does not fear death?  Yes, but only by thorough and complete annihilation of the entire Islamic population.  The defeat of Western civilization will be due to fact that we are civilized, and would never purposely eradicate an entire people.  The leaders of Islam are fully aware of that weakness we have.  They are, and they will, continue to exploit our tolerance, appeasement, our quest for equality and our Constitution to defeat us.
  Last, but certainly not least are Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton.  One is president and has a life that, when and if one looks at the evidence, sees nothing but falsehood, deceit, racism, and an unholy arrogance.  Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, a self proclaimed follower of Saul Alinsky a Communist, and of course Hillary is a confessed Communist herself.     

  Above, I have included a link to a site that I am sure you will find extremely interesting.  Please, do not overlook it!
  There is a diabolical and unholy alliance in this country, and it has been here since America was founded.   The sole purpose of this alliance is to destroy our Republic and our way of life.  The alliance is evil and most worrisome, it is determined, and time, literally is on their side.  The erosion of morality in America, the corruption and the multiculturalism are not just something that happened, all of it was planned since the beginning.  
  Needless to say, America's enemies are many and formidable.  We as a nation of free people, must not allow the President, the UN, or anyone else to disarm us.  We cannot pound our weapons into plowshares.  Those that do, will be doing the plowing for those who did not.  Florida has a "Stand your ground law".  It is being challenged in the courts today, even if defeated, we must all take a lesson from this law.  If we do not stand our ground against the tyranny of this administration and it evil alliance with the United Nations, we will all suffer the consequences of our apathy and complacency.
God Help Us
The Watchman

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