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Can you tell which photos are from the U.S., which are from Greece, and which are from England?

Scenes from Obama-Endorsed #OWS Occupy NATO Chicago, Police Stabbed, 42 arrests, five face terror charges - Atlas Shrugs
All of these photos look very similar, don't they?  Three of them are from the United States, Chicago to be exact.  Two are from Greece, Athens to be exact.  One is from England (UK), London to be exact.

    Many of the world's economies have been driven into an abyss by Socialist government policies and entitlements.  Corrections to entitlements must be made in order to right the proverbial sinking ships.  The photographs are real time depictions of what happens when world governments try to tell the people they are out of money, bankrupt, and borrowing and spending has been out of control for so long that there may very well be no way out of the abyss. 
  It isn't just the handling of economies that are causing this chaos.  It is the underlying, shadow governments that are instigating the joblessness, the handouts, the appeasements.  It is all part of the big picture that you're not meant to see, until it's too late.  The reorganizing, if you will, of entire populations, and living standards, are moving us toward one single end goal, submission.  The One World Order, and it's eventual total control of the world's people.  The elitists behind this forcing of moral relativism, multi-culturalism, redistribution of wealth, and social justice, believe that from the chaos, the demand for control will come voluntarily from the masses.  The ideology behind this, is not new, it's been in the planning stages for decades now.  What makes it shocking, unbelievable, and so unfathomable, is the fact that the Elitists have decided that the time for implementation is now, that's right, the year 2012.
   Immediately after the election of Barack Obama to the presidency of a nation that he himself despises, the Elitists knew the time had arrived.  As Obama made his inaugural apology trip to Europe, the Middle-East, and Asia, it was a sign, an omen, if you will, of things to come.  With Obama in the White House, there would be no stopping the socialists/Progressives and their agenda of social justice.  The Obama administration promised a uniting of the people, races, and genders through a transparency of government that the United States has never seen.  Instead, America has been purposely divided at every juncture.  Obama has driven huge wedges where once only small and surmountable wedges existed.  Obama with his agenda of One World Order in mind has driven epic wedges between Blacks and Whites, between Whites and Blacks and Browns.  He has turned employee against employer, the middle class against banks and big business.  He has managed to take America's poorest class, and has made them poorer and even more dependent on the government for sustenance.  He has and is systematically and fundamentally changing they way Americans live, work, eat, drive, bank, heat and cool our homes.  Virtually every aspect of our lives are now being touched and interfered with by the Executive branch of the federal government.  Obama is, as I write, colluding with the United Nations regarding the very sovereignty of America's borders, currency, military and defense capabilities.  Treaties have already been signed that if ratified by the Socialist leaning Senate, will be severely detrimental to our nation and the freedom of it's people.  The United Nations, from which the government of the One World Order will arise, is fast forwarding Agenda21, The Law of the Sea Treaty, SALT (strategic arms limitations treaty) and lets not forget the removal of God and the history of America from all public places and especially the classrooms of our public schools.  Young people kept ignorant of the historical past, cannot learn from it, and that's the goal of the socialist indoctrination. 
  Today's headlines are filled with the signs of the coming dissolution of our free society, and the implementation of world government control.  According to the United Nations, we are no longer Americans, Frenchmen, British, Spanish, Scotsmen or Irishmen.  Instead we are being referred to as Global citizens.  As global citizens we will become subjects of the One Global Government.  Along with that, there will be a One World Religion, and it will in no way resemble Christianity.  
  It can't happen here!!!  Oh, yes it can, and it is!!!  The world is not evolving, it is being reorganized, nudged, and fundamentally changed.  We are being manipulated into some socialist's idea of the ideal Utopian society.  There won't be anything Utopian about it, believe me.  There will no freedom of travel, no freedom of speech or thought.  Books that hold the truth will be destroyed, people who speak the truth will be silenced.  Those of us who resist will become the experimental lab rats of re-education.  Your right to own housing and private land will no longer exist in this coming New World Society.  Your right to worship, to assemble even in your places will not be tolerated.  A police state will encompass the entire world, and we, the new Global citizens will no longer have the ability to pursue happiness.  We will serve at the pleasure of the Elite.  The One World Order may be a Utopia for the rich and the powerful, but certainly not for the rest of us.  For the rest of us, it will be that "New Dark Age" I've been writing about.

God Help Us
The Watchman        

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