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  When a cancer is discovered, what do you do?  Do you retreat home, and encourage it to grow, or do find a skillful surgeon to remove the cancer before it eventually takes your life? 
  America, we have a severe and malignant problem.  We have an administration and a population of Liberal/Progressive people that are inviting the cancer of Islam into our nation.  Not only are they inviting the cancer, but they are feeding the cancer.  Not only are they feeding the cancer, but they are telling you that there is no cancer.  Which is more deadly, the cancer itself, or those who would tell you there is no cancer? 
  I live in a town in relatively close proximity to Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  Murfreesboro is, or was a sleepy little college town, that has been slowly inundated with many Progressively indoctrinated people.  Murfreesboro, is not unlike many college towns across the nation, the college has it's share of Progressive professors, it's share of up and coming business people who are completely distracted from the real dangers that surround them.  They are distracted, because they have been taught that there is no danger in their town.  Murfreesboro is about to have a new Mosque and Islamic Center.  Many of the Murfreesboro residents think that this is just another church filled with well meaning Muslim worshipers.  They have been told to respect this new religious center, to cater to the Muslim needs.  To be tolerant of Islam, and they will have nothing to fear.  Little do they know that they are inviting the cancer to grow among them.  Many of these citizens have actually defended this Mosque as if it really were a house of worship. 
  A Mosque is not a house of worship, it is a barracks.  It is not simply a place of prayer, it is a training and recruiting center for jihad.  It is not just another church on a piece of property, it is an embassy, and wherever a Mosque is built, it becomes sovereign territory of Islam and Allah.  Local laws, will not be obeyed on Mosque property.  The Constitution will not be the law in the neighborhood surrounding the Mosque.  Sharia law will become the rules that are enforced in that new Muslim neighborhood.  Many Murfreesboro residents do not see that something very wicked is strolling their way.  Many residents do not realize that within a year or two, the area surrounding the Mosque will become a Muslim ghetto just like Dearborn, Michigan.  Too many Murfreesboro residents will not even consider the warnings that have been presented to them.  The Progressive indoctrination runs very deep in America, very, very deep.  
  So many Americans in so many American towns will not heed the warnings, and will allow their homes, neighborhoods and even their local leaders to succumb to the demands of infiltrating Muslims.  In Dearborn, MI. the Mayor is a Muslim, the Chief of Police is Muslim.  How did that happen?  One Mosque and one Muslim at a time, that's how.  The unsuspecting residents of Murfreesboro, TN. are in for a rude awakening.  One resident told me that the new Mosque is no larger than a Baptist church.  She doesn't even realize that the Mosque itself is just the beginning.  An Islamic center of grandiose proportions is planned for Murfreesboro.  Along with the Islamic Mosque and Islamic Center, more Muslims will come, many more!  The Imams will bring their many wives, and their many children.  One person in Murfreesboro, said to me "they will bring prosperity to Murfreesboro."  After laughing I had to ask, what jobs will they have?  Who will support their many wives?  She didn't listen when I informed her of the end around multiple marriages the Muslims have found.  They can only have one wife in America, so that is all they have, the other ten or so, just get listed as dependents on the welfare, social security and numerous other entitlement rolls, they will somehow qualify for.  In a round about way, this entire nation of working taxpayers, are rendering aid and comfort to the enemy.  Make no mistake, Islam is an enemy, the other enemy is the Progressive/Liberal administration that forbids anyone to speak ill of Islam, yet demeans anything Christian or Jewish.  Oh, Obama, where's the tolerance?
  Included in this Blog Article is a link to the Northeast Intelligence Network.  A group I often go to when I need credible information about events taking place in America and around the globe.  This particular link comes with a warning...  A very graphic and violent video of a Christian man reportedly in Tunisia, being beheaded with a knife, simply because he converted from Islam to Christianity.  This video is not for the faint of heart, it is also not for viewing by children, although perhaps it should be.  The true Islam and the true enforcement of Sharia law is depicted in this repulsive video.  Something I find very disturbing is that a Muslim actually filmed this entire execution, without blinking an eye.  
  America is wide open for this Sharia to take place right here.  It is imperative to understand that Islam and it's Muslim followers will not, and cannot obey the Constitution or any man made law.  Their law comes directly from Muhammad who authored the Qur'an the Muslim holy book.  Do not make the mistake to think that beheadings as seen in this video will not take place right here in America.  They already have, in New York a prominent Muslim TV station owner, beheaded his wife, right in the studio where they worked.  He felt justified to murder her, number one, because she was divorcing him, and most importantly he felt justified, because his belief system (Islam), his religion as it were, condones this type of behavior.  
  The people in neighborhoods around this country, not just Murfreesboro, TN., but every town, city, be it rural or urban.  If you invite Muslims, they will come, they will build their Mosques and Islamic centers, innocent as you please.  They will remain good neighbors until they are the majority.  When that happens they will take over, it is their plan.  It may take a year, maybe two, but if they are welcomed, they will come and they will implement their own Sharia, and as in Dearborn, MI., and in towns in the UK, they will post no-go signs.  Sharia law will be imposed there, and Americans, you will be subjected to their will, or you will have to leave.
  There is a good chance that if things continue to progress as they are in this country and this state, that I will one day be arrested for writing hate speech.  I do not hate Middle Eastern people, but I do not, and will not condone or encourage Islamic takeovers of American neighborhoods.  I will not denounce my Christian Faith so as not to offend a Muslim.  In fact, the fact that there is a Mosque anywhere in this nation, offends me.  No so-called religion, that calls for the enslavement of death of Christians and Jews or any other non-believer should be allowed to flourish in America or in any other civilized free nation.  Freedom of religion doesn't mean that you must encourage, embolden or appease the false beliefs of a religion that intends to kill you, if you do not convert.
  The people of America are being sold a bill of goods.  They are being told that Islam means "Peace", that is not true, "Islam" means "submission".  And, Islam will expect you to submit, or they will kill or enslave you.  Islam and Sharia are archaic, barbaric, violent and oppressive.  Muslims have no freedom, and they do not want freedom.  Muslims are not afraid to die for Allah, in fact they look forward to it.  Suicide Muslim bombers are not forced into blowing themselves up, they are in fact standing in line waiting for the opportunity to do so.  Taking you and your family out in the process is merely frosting on the cake for a jihadist.   Do not underestimate the Muslim's ability to lull you into a false sense of security.  According to Islam it is encouraged that they lie to Infidels as they do not view you as anything human.  Be vigilant!!! 
God Help Us
The Watchman

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