Tuesday, April 24, 2012


'And he wasn't talkin' trash either, he meant it! 

  Barack Obama's dream for a perfectly Socialist country is well on the road to becoming a reality.  In order for socialism to take over, the capitalist system must be  divided, devastated, discouraged and then damaged beyond repair.  In light of this wonderful economy we're are now living in, I believe that Obama has all four of those little sugar plum fairies dancing in his head at night.  He hasn't missed anything, his war on fossil fuel, especially the oil and coal industries, is proof that he has no intention of seeing America become self-sufficient on it's own energy resources.  If anyone out there thinks that $4.00 a gallon gasoline is high, re-elect Barack Obama, and you'll see $8.00 a gallon gas in less than a year.  While you're the fretting about gas-pump prices now, wait until next winter after Obama has managed to shut down 50% of the coal fire energy producing plants in the nation.  There are some states that depend on coal for electric generation, some to the tune of 80%, an example would be the state of Ohio.  Ironically enough, one of the latest polls from Ohio shows that voters over-whelmingly favor Barack Obama over Mitt Romney.  Well, Ohio, it would be advantageous for you to review your electric bill, that way when it doubles or even triples after the election, you'll know who to blame.
Blame yourselves and this incessant need for government handouts, that rule your hearts and minds.  When the coal stops flowing, so will the electricity in at least 30% of the United States.  You could call the White House when your house is freezing, but Barack, Michelle, the girls and the dog will be spending winter in Hawaii, on your dime.
  Barack Obama continues to push the climate change/global warming scam as an excuse for his EPA to burden all fields of energy producing companies, with restrictions and rules that they are incapable of obeying and or implementing with today's technology.  Obama knows this, that's exactly why he's doing it.  He doesn't care about you, your breathing, your clean air, or whether you will be able to heat your homes this coming winter.  Obama doesn't care how much money you pay at the pump to get back and forth to work.  Obama doesn't care if you work, the more Americans he can put on welfare, food stamps and unemployment, the faster he can drain America's coffers, and the faster he drains the coffers, the sooner he can implement a third-world standard of living here in America.  All Americans must be made to see what is happening, if not, we as a nation are doomed.
  Here are some facts to ponder:  Most electricity in the United States is produced by steam driven turbines and coal is the most common, efficient and least expensive fuel for those turbines.  As of 2010, just over 45% of America's nearly 4 trillion kilowatts of electricity used coal as it's source of fuel.  Coal is one of America's most abundant resources.  Yes, it is a fossil fuel, and somewhere down the centuries we will see that it is a finite amount.  However, at this point and time, we have plenty of it, we need it, and we should make use of it.  There is no one attempting to denigrate the search for alternate fuels.  Believe me, if some scientist comes up with a fuel that fits the criteria, people will flock to it, they won't have to be forced to use it, they will want to use it.  The problem we face now with trying to switch to renewable fuel, is this;  As I explained about the 2010 coal use and its abundance, Obama's attempt to replace coal with renewables is well...impossible.  In 2010, the United States was capable of producing only 10% of it's total energy from renewable sources, and that includes all renewables combined, i.e., Hydro-electric, Biomass, Ethanol&Biodiesel
  Dr. Walter Youngquist (Emeritus Chair of the Dept. of Geology at the University of Oregon at Portland) explained it quite simply, when he was asked this question, one we should all be asking:  "Can alternative energy effectively replace fossil fuels?"  He answered:
  "Ethanol is a net energy loss - it takes 70% more energy to produce than is obtained from the final product itself.  Other biomass resources show, at best, very low net energy recovery...
  The two most popularly suggested energy alternatives, wind and solar, suffer because they're undependable, intermittent sources of energy, and the end product is electricity.  We have no way to store large amounts of electricity for use when the wind and sunshine are not with us.  Geothermal and tidal energy are insignificant energy sources in total but can be locally important.  Nuclear energy can be a large power source if the safety aspects can be guaranteed (and this may be impossible) - but again, the end product is electricity.  There is no battery pack even remotely in sight that would supply the energy it takes to effectively power bulldozers, and other heavy agricultural equipment such as tractors and combines, or even eighteen wheelers that haul freight cross country.  Can electricity be used to obtain hydrogen as fuel from water?  "It can, but hydrogen is difficult to store and dangerous to handle.  There is no energy system now visualized to replace kerosene jet fuel, which propels a Boeing 747 about 600 miles per hour nonstop on the 14 hour trip from New York to Capetown, South Africa, which is currently the longest nonstop plane flight.  We continue to seek the holy grail of energy-fusion-but containing the heat of the sun at 10 million degrees Centigrade is still only a far off hope."  Dr. Youngquist pretty much sums it up.  There will be no renewable energy source on the face of this planet, at this time in history that is capable of replacing fossil fuels.  Researching alternatives is one thing, switching from the one reliable, stable, and abundant energy source, for an unreliable, unstable, and intermittent energy source, will do nothing less than impede, and in many cases curtail research for an alternative fuel.  In order for us to discover new energy sources, we have no choice at this point in time, we must utilize the energy sources available to us today.
  As I said, if Barack Obama's dream comes true; for America to be on the same level as other nations, it means we must lower our standards to meet the standards of the rest of the third-world nations.  Would it not be a better solution to help the third-world countries raise their standards to be more on a level with Americas?  Of course it would.
  That suggestion is nothing new, and Barack Obama is well aware of that plan.  Unfortunately, that solution will not give Barack Obama and those of like mind, the opportunity to control the masses.  Simply put, Raising the standards of other nations to meet a level with ours, is not in the Obama agenda.  Obama's agenda is control.  He knows that if he controls, food, energy, banking, business, and the media, he can control the masses.  Hungry people will sometimes rebel, those "planned for" rebellions are short lived, as the people can be quelled with the promise of token food, and token energy for heat.  It's not difficult to figure out, I did.  If you try to think diabolically like Obama, his entire agenda is as  plain as the nose on your face.
  This November there will hopefully be a free and fair Presidential election.  Those who feel that there is no difference between Obama and Romney, must rethink that stance.  Those who will not vote for Romney or Obama, are the ones who will carry Obama over the threshold of the White House once again.  Obama, must be removed from power if at all possible.  His agenda is to destroy this nation and take away any freedom we have left.  Romney and Obama are not one in the same.  If you are an eligible voter, you must vote, vote your conscience, vote your heart, vote for what you know is right, vote the Bible.  In my mind Barack Hussein Obama does not stand up to the test of morality, or principles.  He has no integrity, and he tells lies straight-faced as good as the devil himself.  If you want to watch your country disappear, stay home on your duff, and you will see it happen right before your eyes.  If you do not vote and vote wisely, Obama will retain his office, and in a year, you will no longer recognize your country.  At least you won't have to ask, how did this happen?  If you do not vote Obama out, in your heart you will know the answer to that question, the blood of our once great nation was in your vote, now will be on your hands.
If Obama's dream comes true, it is then that America's nightmare will begin.
God Help Us
The Watchman  


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