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America’s Quiet Muslims - National Review Online

  The Sharia Zone sign above left is typical of the ones that are posted in and at the outskirts of Muslim communities in many countries and here in America.  The very presence of a sign like this one makes me wonder, where the authorization to post actually came from.  We all know that when entering an American city ghetto, one is aware from the surroundings that this is most likely a dangerous place to enter.  However, posting a sign warning folks that they are entering an area where Sharia Law is practiced and enforced, in America certainly makes my skin crawl.  Is it a warning that if I enter this area of an American city, that I am somehow waiving my right to due process under the Constitution of the United States of America?  By entering this section of the city, am I voluntarily surrendering myself to the rules of Sharia Law?  Did the Muslim community leaders actually request and receive a permit to post this warning sign, and if they did, why and who issued said permit?  I own 7.2 acres of land, if I were to post a sign stating that you are now entering "A Watchman Control Zone and Watchman Rules Are Enforced Here", would it mean that my rules and my laws would supersede those of the state and country in which I reside?  Somehow, I doubt it, but then again I am not a Muslim living in America.
  The article speaks of America's Quiet Muslims.  Are they quiet Muslims because they denounce Sharia, but only amongst themselves, in private so as not to alert other Muslims of the fact that they are secretly proponents of American Constitutional Law?  Or, are they quiet because they prefer Sharia, and they just want the rest of us Americans to think they prefer our secular, although Biblically inspired Constitutional law?  Are America's quiet Muslims residing in the the "Sharia Controlled Zones"?  If they are, then America's quiet Muslims are not quiet at all, are they?  The posting of these Sharia Control Zone signs, scream pretty loud in my ears.  Loud enough for me to hear Ahllau Akbar all the way from Dearborn, Michigan. 
  Before we cave to the seemingly innocent equality whims of the Muslim communities here in America, it is imperative that we take a good long look at the results of Muslim appeasement in other countries.  The best country for America to compare itself to would most certainly be the United Kingdom.  These Sharia Control Zone signs are all over England.  There are Muslim communities, or a better description would be "ghettos" where even the "Bobbies" will not go.  In my opinion, the United Kingdom is no longer united in the same way it used to be, a better term would be divided.  The Muslim population in Great Britain is just under 3 million and there are already 85 fully operational Sharia Courts, and keep this in mind the Sharia Court rulings are legally binding.  In essence, the people in England are now subject to two sets of laws, depending on where they are at the time.  I imagine the "Sharia Control Zone" signs in the UK, actually serve a beneficial purpose.  The question is, should there be a justification for any of this to be happening, anywhere?  Appeasement of Islam and of Muslims is the only reason for this type of dual-law system to exist.  The invasion of England, didn't happen quickly, or with a great victory fanfare, no sir, it was a gradual and quiet conquering by England's Quiet Muslims.  
  A word of caution, there are already 2.6-2.8 Muslims in America, and they are constantly pushing for Sharia Law in the communities in which they live.  America already has 2 legislators in the congress who are Muslim, and they were sworn in to uphold the Constitution of the United States with their hand on the Qur'an, not the Bible.  If you take time to read the Qur'an, it tells all good Muslims that they are not to submit or obey any man-made law.  It also tells good Muslims that they are free to lie to us Infidels as long as it is done to please Allah.  How can this be happening in this country?  With every day, the Muslim population in America increases, and the danger of allowing them to get this foothold increases right along with it.  Muslims reject our Constitution, yet they will use it to conquer this country, and to impose Sharia on this onetime land of the free.  It is the plan set out for Islam 1,400 years ago by Muhammad their prophet.  
  Why the supposed educated hierarchy in England never brushed up on the Qur'an is beyond me.  Why our supposed educated legislators are not reading the Qur'an is shear stupidity and suicidal.  Political Correctness is preventing America's so-called leaders from seeing the obvious.  When our elected leaders watch the news, what are they seeing?  I see Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan coming under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood.  I see our President Obama, inviting the ruthless terrorists of the Brotherhood to the White House for negotiations of peace.  The Muslim Brotherhood is not interested peace, only appeasement, and they are getting it.  It occurs to me that the fall of the United States into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood, will be financed by our own tax dollars.  It truly bothers me, when I can see it happening and the useful idiots we elected to represent us, can't see it!
  The gradual and quiet infiltration into our local and state government and judiciary by Islam is taking place right now, right here in every one of the fifty states.  It has already happened in Dearborn, MI., the mayor, the police chief and many of the city council are now majority Muslim.  Is that what America has come too?  A country of dhimmis (slaves) willing to give away, freedom and liberty, just to be politically correct?
  This upcoming 2012 election is crucial.  All levels of government are at risk.  There has to be a concerted effort to weed out Muslims from any level of local, state and federal government.  Unless of course, Sharia Control Zone signs are what you wish to see posted in your neighborhood.  Unless, you wish to see "halal" processed food at you local McDonald's and in your grocery stores.  Unless, you want to have separate lines at your Walmart, Kroger, Safeway or Publix especially for people who will be buying liquor or pork products.  You see, Muslim checkout people are not allowed to handle pork or liguor items.  It's coming people, it's already happening in America even as I write the Blog article.  Can it be stopped, sure.  But, the effort must be concerted, and with strong opposition to anything that remotely resembles Sharia, Islam, or Political Correctness.  Do not allow your good intentions of not offending anyone, be the cause of your demise, and the demise of this free country.  Speak out against the Islamification of America, and speak loud.  Or, America's Quiet Muslims will, rule over you in a very short time.
God Help Us
The Watchman   

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