Friday, April 27, 2012


  The evening of April 24, 2012 Barack Obama did in fact sign a bill into law, that does in fact, restrict the right of freedom of speech of the American People.  I am not one to be jumping the gun, every time Obama signs another bill into law, it's just that his past (behind closed doors) Executive Orders has me on edge.  I sent out an extra, extra, extra email the other afternoon alerting people to the fact that Obama is still in the process of stripping away the rights of "We The People", and this most recent bill signing is just another step by Obama and his compatriots, to circumvent the very Constitution and Bill of Rights, that made us a free nation, kept us a free nation, and is designed to continue in the freedom effort, keeping our republic together.  This latest bill severely restricts the right of freedom of speech.  What the bill has done, is to take the right of the people and hand that right to the Secret Service, (of all organizations in government) to make the decision as to who will be afforded the right to freedom of speech and expression, and who will not be allowed to express those same rights.  In the hands of the Secret Service ( which we may now be calling the Obama SS), our right afforded us under the 1st amendment of the Constitution no longer belongs to all the citizens, but instead, the SS will now have the right to discern which citizen has the right to express his or her opinions in an open forum around or near, not only the President, but anyone else that the SS is guarding at the time.  If your protest sign supports the President and his policies, you will most certainly be allowed to hold your sign high for all to see.  However, if your protest sign is for any reason deemed derogatory or offensive to the President, you may be arrested, and subsequently face a year in prison.  Should you resist, you will be considered a threat, if you have a firearm, legal or not, and or if anyone comes to harm due to your resistance, you may be facing a ten year mandatory sentence in the prison of their choice.  (Can anyone say "political prisoner"?)
  I, like most people was upset at the fact that Obama signed this bill into law, late in the evening with absolutely no fan fare.  Which by the way is customary for Obama when he's signing something he knows that "We the People" may actually balk at.  We all know that, most, if not all of Obama's (borderline in some cases) are unconstitutional Executive Orders that have either been signed in the dead of night, or on a late Friday evening at the start of a three day weekend.  Just the thought that a sitting President, any sitting President can usurp the power of the people's constitution with the stroke of his pen, I personally find very unnerving.
  This latest bill however, wasn't as clandestine as I was first led to believe.  Perhaps, it was the way it came across the wire, I'm not sure.  I saw a headline that said "Obama Signs Secret Bill Taking Away Freedom of Speech", and I literally went right to the edge.  Then I stopped and started looking for the secretiveness in this bill.  You know what, I couldn't find it...  I couldn't find it, because the real frightening aspect of the entire event was that:  Our House of Representatives and our Senate passed this bill almost unanimously.  No secret!  Now, that is what sets my heart to beating intermittently, stopping occasionally to soak in what I just realized.  It wasn't just Obama signing a 'power sapping' Executive Order.  This time it was our entire congress, with the (alleged exception of three brave people), that actually agreed to restrict the right of freedom of speech.  This bill was to my understanding, not even brought up to floor of either house for debate.  Whether is was even read aloud, is doubtful, (considering congresses past performance.)  It was however, voted on, and passed.  I can't help but ask why?  What were our so-called representatives thinking?  The answer can only be one of two.  They are either on the same side as the administration and it's Socialist scheme, or they are just stupid and ignorant, and cannot legislate any better than a monkey in a suit.  Either answer says little about their regard for the rights of the people they were elected to serve, and neither one of those answers speaks very highly of the integrity of our elite legislature.
  At the risk of being redundant, the next paragraph repeats many of my earlier points.  I am hoping my repetition will aid those who are having a difficult time understanding our president and his agenda.
  I have read a couple of articles that say we should try understand what's actually in the bill, before we condemn it.  In my opinion, any bill that is voted on, passed and signed into law, without debate in either house, is illegal and will no doubt be detrimental to the freedom an liberty of the people.  This bill, extracts the right of freedom of speech, and hands the ability to a (questionable) branch of government loyal only to the President to discern what free speech will be allowed and tolerated, and what free speech will not be allowed. (In essence there is no longer free speech)  That my dear friends, is total infringement on the rights we the people, the 1st Amendment to the Constitution spells those rights out, very clearly and very simply.  
say another 4 years), Obama will have both of these precious documents expunged from public view, and mention of either will be deemed derogatory, inflammatory and offensive to the President, mark my words.
  God Help Us
The Watchman     

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