Friday, April 6, 2012

Iraqi Hate Crime Murder Probe Raises Questions About Daughter, Husband - ABC News

Allow me to reference my Blog of 3-26-2012.  If you read it, this update will come as no surprise to you.

Iraqi Hate Crime Murder Probe Raises Questions About Daughter, Husband - ABC News

   On the 26th of March, I wrote my Blog indicating that there was in my opinion more to this tragic story than meets the eye.  The brutal murder of Shaima Al Awadi needed further investigation of the family, but that investigation never took place, until now.  Finally, the El Cajon police department have indicated that they have come to the same conclusion as I did, weeks ago.  Too bad though, because the entire Al Awadi family is in Iraq for the funeral of the beloved wife and mother.  Will they return to El Cajon, CA.?  If you ask me, you'll never see any of them here again, unless they think they can slip back into the Muslim city of Dearborn, Michigan, U.S.  With the obvious ineptness of our Homeland Security, I'm pretty sure the husband, if he chooses will be able to enter the U.S. again, if not legally, then certainly illegally through our southern border with Mexico.  After all, according to the President and Janet Napolitano, Islam is a peaceful religion and they have caused no harm to anyone, and so, we'll just leave our southern border as porous as it has been, that way anyone can come into the U.S. at will.  Terrorists, illegal Iraqi's, and illegal South Americans and let's not forget those pesky illegal Mexicans that the administration loves so much.
  I'm beginning to wonder if local law enforcement agencies have any common sense of their own, or are they just afraid to cross the federal authorities when it comes to Muslims?  Literally, for years now reports of honor killings of especially among female Muslims in this country have permeated the news media.  Are we to assume that the El Cajon, CA. police department never reads the news, or listens to the radio or watches the TV?  Are we to assume that the term "honor killing" never entered the minds of any of the detectives investigating this brutal murder of a 32 year old Muslim wife and mother?  Perhaps the suggestion of honor killing was made, and the upper ranks decided to ignore it, that is more likely what happens in Muslim cases similar to this one.  No body in the upper ranks wants to be labeled a racist or bigot.  So, thanks to political correctness, the guilty party may no longer be in America. Due to political correctness, this will more than likely be another unsolved murder of a vibrant young woman, wife and mother.  Because few people in America are willing to accept the fact that "honor killing" is a way of life under Sharia law, and is condoned by the Islamic holy book, the Qur'an, suspects go free.  Congratulations El Cajon, CA. P.D., you have allowed the number one suspect in a brutal, senseless murder leave the country.  Take heart though, because Shaima Al Awadi isn't going to be the last woman in the family to fall under the sword of Sharia law.  If the daughter "Fatima" went back to Iraq with daddy, and she has been balking at a forced marriage, and it's true that she was busted making out with a man out of wedlock in California, well you can bet the camel that she'll never leave Iraq alive.  So, that will be two lives in this family that will be snuffed out because of the false information about the Muslim religion.  The truth about Islam has been squelched by everyone from the president to the local media.  It is a shame, that murder is condoned by Islam, but, it's a bigger shame when U.S.  law enforcement is ignorant about it, or pretends it doesn't exist, especially when Islam itself is very open about it.  The whole thing makes me sick!
  Look, when I first read the story of a hate crime against a Muslim family in El Cajon, CA., the whole thing stunk to high heaven.  There are very few, if any hate crimes committed against Muslims, regardless of what Muslims claim.  That is because Americans and everyone else are deathly afraid of Muslims.  After studying the violent behavior of Muslim men regarding their women, I had a real deep penetrating pang in my stomach after reading the sketchy details of this murder.  I live 1,700 miles from El Cajon and I knew that something was very fishy about this case.  How could the local police not suspect or ignore the theory of honor killing?  I'm not sure they ignored the theory as much as they pretended that it didn't happen that way.  
  It is my opinion that the man (husband) beat his wife to death because she was filing for divorce.  Under Sharia, that is a no no.  Husbands can divorce their wives simply by repeating "I divorce you" three times aloud so others can hear.  Wives under Sharia, do not enjoy that privilege, or any other privileges for that matter.  It doesn't make any difference where Muslims are living, America or Iraq, Sharia is the same, period.  Islam has no loyalty to man-made law, especially that from an Infidel country.  Honor killing is accepted and condoned in Islam and among Muslim families.  It is time for American law enforcement to get their heads out of the camel's proverbial patoot, and see the truth about Muslims, Islam and Sharia Law.  Muslims don't look at this country as being American, home of the brave and land of the free.  They see America as a land full of Infidels in need of Islam and Sharia Law.  They also see it as their goal to bring this country under Islam and Sharia.  It's time for law enforcement and local governments to shut their ears to Obama's false rhetoric about Islam, they are not peaceful, and they never have been and never will be.
  My heart goes out to Fatima (Shaima's daughter), and I pray she will come to no harm.  Deep inside however, and according to Sharia, she too will have to be punished for bringing dishonor to her family.  Just as I suspect the husband bashed in his wife's skull because she dishonored him, so he will punish his teenage daughter for the same reason.  We may never hear about though, because American law enforcement is in denial about Islam, and in my opinion have dropped the ball regarding this case of murder.
God Help Us
The Watchman 

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