Thursday, April 5, 2012


"Obama, Obama, Obama just listen to me, 
read the Screwtape Letters?"

  Barack Obama never ceases to amaze me, I am totally convinced that no human could be this diabolical and evil of their own recourse.  There is no doubt in my mind that Lucifer in fact has the president's ear.  However, don't expect Barack Obama to relinquish any credit to Lucifer for the incarnate underhandedness, that he surely believes comes solely from his own darkened heart. 
  The question arises this week as to why Barack Obama invited Cardinal Wuerl of the D.C. Archdiocese, Archbishop Demetrios of the Greek Orthodox Church and Sharon Watkins of the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, and a host of other Christian leaders from numerous denominations, and as if fuel needed to be added to the fires of White House divisiveness, the always outspoken race-baiter and controversial Al Sharpton, was guest of honor.  Al Sharpton of Sanford, Florida and Trayvon Martin fame of late.  Old reverend Al is the racist calling for more violent disobedience until George Zimmerman is arrested.  Considering the fact that the entire, immediate narrative was wrong regarding this case, Reverend Al won't let it go, or call for calm in the Black community. Although there are no charges against Zimmerman, because you see, self-defense is not a crime, regardless of skin color or race.  However, the big question on the media's mind is why no representatives from the largest Protestant denomination were invited the the White House Easter Prayer Breakfast?  That's right, no one from the Southern Baptist Convention was invited.  So, why wasn't there a White House Invitation sent to the Southern Baptist Convention?  It not for the reasons you're thinking I'll wager.  No, Obama is not holding a grudge against the Southern Baptists, any more than he has seemingly patched things up with the Catholics.  You see, Barack Obama has no intention of allowing things to settle down amongst the clergy and their respective churches. 
  For the past year, Obama has been instigating animosity against Israel, he now has at least 80 nations of the world willingly condemning Israel for occupying space on the planet, not to mention Jerusalem.  At the same time, he has, in his hip pocket 60% of the American Jewish vote.  Why is that you ask?  Because Obama knows that there is a huge difference between being a Jew in America and being an Israeli Jew living in Israel.  The American Jewish population is stupefied by this president, and in America they feel safe.  Even though, it's my opinion their safety is only for the time being, I would alert the American Jewish communities not to get overly complacent, as the Muslims have arrived, and they are here at the invitation of Barack Obama.  Okay, now that covers the Jewish vex for Obama.  In the last 3 months hasn't Obama declared war on the Catholic churches and Catholic hospitals and schools?  Obama has managed to turn women against the Catholics and Conservatives, using the contraceptive/abortion vehicle.  Through his statements regarding the Trayvon Martin event, he, with the help of his comrade-in-racism Al Sharpton, has managed to incite a tribal reactionary effect in and among the Black communities, to a point where the Black youth are now indiscriminately targeting elderly White people for beatings.  Obama is listening to the devil for sure.  When it comes to divide and conquer, Obama is a master.  Or, whoever is telling him what, how and when to divide, is the true master.  Barack Obama could change his middle name from Hussein to Deceiver, and no one would notice.
  Blacks against Whites, Middle Class against Big Oil and Big Banks, Women against Conservatives, Environmentalists against Capitalists, Nation against nation, everybody against everybody, it's the chaos that this guy thrives on, and it's the collapse of moral society that he will attempt to build his One World Order.  It's inevitable that once the chaos becomes out of hand, when there is bloodshed on the streets of America, when this country is ablaze in hell fire, Obama, is sure the people will be looking for a savior, and Obama wants to be that savior.  It's his perceived destiny, I'm almost 100% sure of it.
  The man is a deceiver and he is very obvious about it, especially if you are looking for the deception, as I am.  When I see it, I alert everyone I can, because that is my perceived destiny as the "Watchman".  I challenge you, to heed my alerts and pass them on, as I have done.  If I am wrong, then I will only be wrong and I will apologise, if I am right, then I have fulfilled my destiny.  What about you?
God Help Us 


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