Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Treacherous dialog caught on audio and video tape.

   On March 26, 2012 Obama was accidentally video and audio taped as he secretly (or so he thought) gave a message to Russian President Dimitry Medvedev to be passed along to Vladimir Putin.  The secret message was:  "After my election, I will have more flexibility." 
  "After my election", now if that presumption isn't enough to scare you awake, the gist of the conversation was about
 Obama, handing over to the Russians, the secret plans of America's Missile Defense System.  That's right, Obama is in the process of fundamentally changing America, by taking us from the most powerful nation in the world, and turning us into the most vulnerable nation, and he intends to do it as soon as he is re-elected.  America's National Missile Defense system is the most accurate defense system ever devised, and it works so well, that it scares the Russians to death.  Obama is planning to ease the Kremlin's fears, by handing over the system's secret operations manuals.  Once the Russians are able to devise a way for their nuclear missiles to circumvent America's missile defense system, then they will certainly hand that information over to their allies.  Governments of Iran, Venezuela, and even Syria will know how to penetrate America's defenses.  I imagine that in Obama's sick twisted treasonous mind, it will put us all on an even playing field.  
  What amazes me most, is that the media appears to be more concerned that Obama actually made the mistake of whispering to Medvedev without checking to see if there was an open mic.  The context of the whisper is what troubles me.  What I heard was a man who has been elected to protect this nation, a man that is our so-called Commander In Chief promising to give away secret national defense  information, after his imminent re-election.  Didn't anyone else hear that?  What is the matter with the press and media, anyway?  I watched Huckabee on FOX from Sunday night.  The topic was candidate and Presidential gaffes.  Mike actually tried to liken the president's secret agreement to hand over secret defense information to the Romney campaign's "etch-a-sketch" statement, that was in fact a gaffe.  What the president did was no gaffe!  He was caught on a live mic, promising to give away secret defense information, that will most assuredly leave America weaker and vulnerable to enemy missile attacks.  And Huckabee is worried that the president was stupid to make this promise in a room full of microphones.  Would the media and the press and Huckabee be happier if Obama did make the promise in a secret room.  
  If I were a Muslim, I'd have thrown my shoe at the TV as I watched while Huckabee made light of Obama's apparent error in judgement.  I was so incensed and angered, and disappointed.  How could there be such shallow rhetoric after just having heard your President make a promise to destroy the nation?  In my mind, Obama was caught red-handed engaging in an overt act of treason against the United States of America.  Why is there no one in D.C. ordering the immediate arrest of Barack Hussein Obama on the charge of attempted high treason?  Why?  Why?  Why?  I mean great Caesar's ghost, is everyone asleep at the wheel?  How can all those elected and appointed officials not notice that Obama has promised to sell the nation down the river?  Do we not have even one military General with the guts to demand an investigation into the president's possible treachery.  Another thing that I find deeply disturbing, why and how can Obama be so confident that he will be re-elected?  What does he know about the coming election that the rest of America doesn't know?  Doesn't that bother anyone?  I haven't heard one Republican candidate even mention, or show and iota of concern over Obama's statement.  I can assure you, I am concerned, very concerned.  Obama may have a great smile, but I don't think he can predict the future.  Unless of course he is the "false prophet" mentioned in the Bible.  You know, the one whose job it is to lay the ground work for the anti-Christ.
  More and more, I find myself wondering how all of this is taking place in D.C., without so much as a raised eyebrow or an inquiry into Obama's statements.  Has our country already be sold out?  Is it too late to bring the ship about?  Is all that is left is to wait on Obama's next power grabbing move?  If everyone isn't asking themselves these same questions, perhaps it is too late.  Am I beating the proverbial "dead horse"?
God Help Us
The Watchman         

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