Monday, March 19, 2012


Great question, don't you think?

  Clicking on the link above will take you to the WND website.  World Net Daily is a news site that I greatly respect, and have used in the past to confirm much of the information and facts that I need, to check for my own Blog articles.
  WND published an opinion editorial regarding the alarm extra I published yesterday afternoon.  It was in reference to Barack Obama's newest Executive Order.  Clarification of my alarm may be in order.  Allow me to explain my reason for concern.  This E.O. was actually an amendment of the "Disaster Preparedness Act that was implemented way back in 1950.  It also should be mentioned that previous Presidents have also amended this Act, Bill Clinton comes to mind.  Also, During the Civil War, President Lincoln also took control of virtually everything in order to keep the War in the hands of the Executive Branch of government and to keep the Union in tact.  Woodrow Wilson also took total control during WWI, under the guise that it would help the war effort.  In and out of the historical eras of America, from it's birth through a number of wars, some popular, some not so much, Presidents felt there was a need to assume more power, at least temporarily for the stability of the nation.  So, my concern regarding this Obama Executive Order, is not about the order itself.  My concern is about the man who ends up wielding the power from the order.  In this case, Barack Hussein Obama.  In the WND article the act of amending this 1950 Disaster Preparedness Act by Barack Obama is given a pass and the journalist deemed the amending as "merely routine ".  Having watched the actions of Barack Obama, I've determined that nothing he says, does, or signs is merely routine.  A President with an agenda like Obama's, makes calculated moves, like a chess master, nothing Obama has done can be classified as "routine", at least not in my book.  I urge you all to look at the past performances of this President, then you decide.  
  Power corrupts and absolute power, corrupts absolutely.  Obama has the power of our previous Commander In Chiefs, however, Obama is nothing like our previous Chiefs, with the exception of Woodrow Wilson of course.  
  I have always said:  "Its not the size of the sword, it's whose wielding it."   Our President is a master chessman, and master at deception, and he rarely loses a duel.  "Beware the sword that comes at you from your blind side, as that is the one that will surely remove your head."  Look at that two personal quotes in the same Blog.  It must be time to bring this article to a close.  Heed the warnings from the Watchman.
Seek God, repent and pray.  He is our only refuge.
God Help Us
The Watchman


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