Friday, March 23, 2012


Louis Farrakhan, the Portrait of a Racist

In the midst of tragedy, the devil himself raises his ugly head!  Will his disciples follow his lead?  
  Anford, Florida:  A young Black youth shot to death by a Hispanic neighborhood watch leader.  The tragedy isn't tragic only because the young man was Black, it's because he was a young man, period.  The evidence is not all in, and no arrests have been made.  It is apparent that the law enforcement officials have yet to determine if any law has been broken here.  When the evidence is gathered and a case can be made either for murder, manslaughter or self-defense, a determination by authorities will be made, then and only then will the next step in the process begin.  The public mob scene should not, and cannot be allowed to influence the authorities in this case.  America doesn't have the most perfect justice system, but it is the best in the world, as it does not allow mob rule, or mob lynchings anymore.  The court of public opinion has no place in the justice system courtroom!  Due process says:  A man is innocent until proven guilty.  It must remain that way!
  It seems never to fail, when a person of color is the victim of violence, and the alleged perpetrator is white, (or in this case sort of white), the so-called leaders of the Black community seem obligated to turn the entire incident into something racial, even if it isn't.  May I remind people of the Duke University fiasco, where an entire team of Caucasian players were vilified by the Black community leaders.  When  it was discovered that the Black victim was lying through her prostituted teeth.  Almost as if there was some kind of magic, these Black community leaders who called for violence against these young men, just disappeared back under their proverbial rocks.  We all know they won't stay there, they just lay in wait for another chance to incite violence at a later date.  Well, here it is 3 months into 2012 and the devils of divisiveness are hard at work, this time in Florida.  The Jesse Jacksons, the Al Sharptons and the most annoying racist of them all Louis Farrakhan are slinking their way out from under their rocks.  Are they looking for justice, or are they looking to hang a white man?  There has been no trial, not even an arrest of the shooter.  Yet, the always outspoken vitriolic bigot Louis Farrakhan made this statement in regards to this shooting incident:  "Where there is no justice, there is no peace...Law of Retaliation applied."  Just exactly what does the statement infer?  Does it mean that if the shooter in this case is not arrested, tried and convicted, that the Black community should carry out vigilante justice?  Does it mean that Farrakhan has given permission for the Black community to drag this un-tried man from his bed and hang him from the nearest lamp post?  It wasn't long ago, when literally hundreds of thousands of white patriots fought and died to end slavery, and lynchings of Black folks.  Believe me Mr. Farrakhan, "retaliation" is not the answer.  Is it the intention of men like Farrakhan, Sharpton and Jackson who feed off racial discourse, to go back to the days of mob justice, and mob rule?  I hope this is not the case, and I pray that the Black community will see through these racist instigators, and hold their tempers and allow the law to do it's job.  It would be even more tragic if the many strides toward racial equality were nullified at the hands of dissidents.  There is nothing someone like Farrakhan would like to see more than a good old race riot, or worse yet race war.  I urge the black community to exercise restraint in this matter.  The fact are that blacks are still a minority in America, and white people will not tolerate unprovoked violence against them and their families.  A race war is one that blacks cannot win, and the result would be, everybody loses, no matter the color of skin.
  Regardless of the tribal-like unrest that Louis Farrakhan and his minions incite, this is still America, a land of laws and rules.  Justice must be given a fair chance to prevail, but not at the hands of mobs, or voices of unreasonable and violent rhetoric.  If the law has been broken, Mr. Zimmerman will be arrested and charged accordingly, if he is innocent, he will not be, and that also is the law at work.  It would be a smear on young Trayvon Martin's name if this incident resulted in the deaths of others.  From what I've read about him, he would not wish for this type of out of control and possibly violent escalation in his name.  God Rest His Soul
God Help Us
The Watchman           

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