Thursday, March 22, 2012


Which one of these men is more likely to be suffering from PTSD?

On the left, Sgt. Bales, United States Army, 3 tours of duty in Iraq and 1 tour in Afghanistan, accused of murdering civilians in cold blood in Afghanistan.

On the right, Major Nidal Hasan, United States Army Psychiatrist, stationed at Fort Hood, Texas.  No combat exposure other than experiences related to him by returning combat veterans from the Middle-East conflicts.  Murdered 13 unarmed soldiers, and wounded 32. 
I asked, which one of these men is more likely to be suffering from PTSD?  Sgt. Bales suffered head and brain injuries on a previous deployment to the Middle-East.  His children are very young, and considering he was on his fourth deployment, it would be safe to assume that he has in fact spent more time in the Middle-East, getting shot at and in harms way 24/7, than he has spent time with his family.  PTSD?  More than likely!  On the other hand, Major Nidal Hasan has enjoyed the cushy life of an Army Major and Psychiatrist, at the American tax payers expense.  His promotions through Army ranks, were questionable, as his superiors were frightened of his Muslim belief system.  It was known that this man was a Muslim, that he was pro-terrorist, and he was a "Soldier of Allah".  Suffering from PTSD? Highly unlikely!
  I'm amazed at the expediency of the American press to have already tried and through public opinion, convicted Sergeant Bales, and sentenced him to death.  Never once giving consideration to his previous head and brain injuries that he incurred serving his country.  Never once considering that his mental capacity may have been diminished due to an honest case of PTSD.  Major Hasan however, gets the don't jump to conclusion pass from the President, and the Army.  Major Hasan committed his terrorist atrocity in 2009, and has yet to come to court marshal.  I'm laying bets that Sergeant Bales is tried first in the court of public opinion, and in court marshal, before Major Hasan has his next hearing.  We haven't heard much about Major Hasan the terrorist murderer lately, have we?  Old news, or is it because he's a Muslim?  I'm thinking, because he's Muslim.
  Major Hasan was scheduled for trial on March 5, 2012, now remember he committed his murders way back in 2009.  Well, low and behold, the March 5th date has come an gone.  The judge allowed a postponement, and rescheduled the trial to commence on June 12, 2012.  Fat chance.  Trial date changes are not unusual or amazing, until you hear the reason for postponement.  Hasan's defense attorney argued that "their expert hasn't completed the investigation of Hasan's background."  They also argued that they need more time to review documents in the case, a total of 320,000 pages as of December.  320,000 thousand pages???  Hey, does the word "Stonewall" come to mind?  It sure does!!!  Major Hasan's crime was captured on cell phone video.  There is no question as to whether he is guilty or not.  He committed his crime of cold blooded murder while shouting Allua Akbar, the war cry of every Muslim terrorist.  How can there possibly be 320,000 pages of defense, or prosecution for that matter?  It has been indicated that Hasan's defense will be predicated on the fact that actually contracted PTSD from psychiatric patients he was supposed to be counseling. 
  Now, to my original question:  Is PTSD contagious?  After a few hours of research, I have been unable to find any scientific medical evidence that suggests one person can actually catch PTSD from another person.  If it were actually possible to contract PTSD from another person, then the wives and families of every Vietnam Vet must be suffering from PTSD also.  Major Hasan spent absolutely no time in combat, or even close to combat.  His only stress was that he wanted to be a terrorist jihadi for Allah, and unfortunately he was in the Army.  He was of course able to relieve his stress, wasn't he?  He relieved his stress by committing an act of terrorism against his fellow soldiers, killing 13, not including the unborn child, and wounding 32.  If Hasan's defense holds up in a military court marshal, it will be a travesty of justice in the highest degree.  But, if it does, then the court marshal of Sergeant Bales must also consider his mental capacity and find him innocent due to temporary insanity, caused and contributed to by his PTSD.
  As this trial for Sergeant Bales moves forward, lets keep in perspective his service, and his head and brain injury incurred during that service.  Let us also remember who the bad guys are here.  Our soldiers are warriors who suffer great stress, day in and day out.  Do not diminish Sergeant Bales honorable service, because he suffered a lapse of sanity.  As for Major Hasan, his act of terrorism against the United States was premeditated and carried out as he planned.  No PTSD, no stress from combat, just shear barbaric Muslim terrorism, period.  If anyone deserves the death penalty, it is Major Nidal Hasan.
  My prayers go out to Sergeant Bales wife and children, who are truly suffering.
God Help Us
The Watchman



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