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  The two faces of Trayvon Martin, actually these are just about the only two faces anyone has seen since his death.  I've looked through image sites after image sites, nothing recent that I've been able to locate.  The picture that the media keeps putting on their newscasts is the picture at the above left, it's a photograph of a young angelic looking innocent boy.  The photograph above right also shows a young man, it is also Trayvon Martin.
  The picture that the media uses, is pure unadulterated deception, no question about it.  Had Trayvon looked like the innocent young boy as the media represents him, there's a very distinct possibility that he would still be alive today.  The question is, what did Trayvon really look like moments before his death?  Did he look innocent, or did he look angry?  There is only one person that can answer that question.  That person isn't Al Sharpton, isn't Maxine Waters, isn't Jesse Jackson, isn't ex-Black Panther Congressman Bobby Rush and it isn't Congressman Hank Johnson.  That person isn't even Trayvon's mother or father, the only person who can answer that question is George Zimmerman, who alleges he shot Trayvon dead, because he was in fear of his life, as Trayvon was allegedly assaulting him.  I might add, that it doesn't make a hill of beans that if Barack Obama had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin.
  This entire ordeal has been turned into a racially fueled firestorm of false accusations, deception by the press and worse yet, an illegal bounty put on the head of Zimmerman by the new Black Panther Party.  Who in my opinion should all be arrested and thrown in the slammer for life, as they are nothing but an organized gang of worthless street thugs.  The arrest won't happen though, because the Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder is a Black Panther supporter, and so is Barack Obama.
  The scenario wreaks of accusations of racial profiling, which in this case especially makes very little sense.  As the shooter, number one was a neighborhood watchman, of Hispanic and Jewish decent, and Trayvon was a Black 17 year old. 
  Let's discuss racial profiling for a moment.  In my mind racial profiling doesn't really exist.  Profiles are nothing but a compilation of like circumstances and like modus operandi.  These compilations depict over a period of time the who's, what's and where's of probable happenstance.  For instance, the series of terror attacks both successful and unsuccessful tell us that the perpetrators are of Middle-Eastern or North African decent, they have all be between the ages of 18 and 30 years of age.  So, a common sense compilation of those facts, assures me, if I were to keep my eyes peeled for a potential terrorist, I would not be looking for a 70 year old Caucasian women in a wheel chair.  I would however be suspicious of a 21 year old Middle-Eastern man.  It's not a racial thing, it is pure common sense.  When and if a 70 year old wheelchair bound women attempts to blow up innocent people, then her description would be added to the compilation.  Not racial, just common sense.  Regardless of what political correctness tells us, there are definite commonalities that present themselves when a series of circumstances occur.
  Here are some statistics from a reputable professor and researcher from the Manhattan Institute.  Professor Heather MacDonald had these facts to share.
  From January to June 2008, 83% of all gun assailants were in fact Black and 15% were Hispanic.  Together, Blacks and Hispanics accounted for 98% of gun assaults in New York City.
  Translated:  If a cab driver is going to be mugged or murdered in New York City by a fare, 49 times out of 50 his assailant or killer will be Black or Hispanic.
  Fernando Mateo, of the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers has told his drivers to "profile your passengers" for your own protection.  Fernando Mateo is Black/Hispanic.
  Additional facts we need to consider:  One third of crimes in America are committed by Black males between the ages of 16 and 36, even though they only make up 2-3% of America's population.  There are some cities in America where 40% of all Black males are in jail or prison, on probation or parole, or have criminal records.  These are the facts, they are not a product of racism or racial profiling.  These Black males are products of their own arrests, prosecutions and convictions of criminal acts against society. 
  Reality is sometimes difficult to take, but here in America we have a serious problem of Black and Hispanic community organizers and leaders, blaming the entire plight of their respective races on White people.  In America, the Black crime rate is 7 times higher as the White rate.  In America White crimes against Blacks victims is 3%, but Black crimes committed against White victims is 45%. 
  So, in closing, a closer look at what may have taken place that fateful night in Sanford, Florida, when a young Black man was killed.  I have to ask, did George Zimmerman racially profile Trayvon Martin?  Or, did Mr. Zimmerman merely profile a man, approx. 6 ft. tall, wearing a hooded sweatshirt, walking through a gated community where Mr. Zimmerman was on "neighborhood watch"?  Considering the facts I mentioned above, wouldn't any normal person, either Black, White or Hispanic perceive Trayvon's presence in the gated community, in the middle of the night, wearing a hoodie, at least a little suspicious?  It's time for the Black community to exercise a whole lot more restraint, and allow the law enforcement process to work in this case.  Vigilante justice from the Black Panthers should not be allowed, or encouraged by Black leaders.
  Perhaps the Black community should find more respectable people to listen too other than Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, both of whom are leaches on the Black community they claim to be supporting.  It's time for the Black community to also take a second look at the representatives they elect to congress and the Senate.  Race-baiters like Maxine Waters, and Frederica Wilson only bring divisiveness to America, not unity.  Men like Rep. Hank Johnson and Bobby Rush, are poor representatives of the true Black community.  Remember, Congressman Hank Johnson was concerned about the island of Guam capsizing if too many Marines were stationed there.  Booby Rush donning a hoodie in the well of congress shows just how inept at sensible rhetoric this man is. 
  If there is to be justice for Trayvon Martin, then it is imperative that it be by the laws of this land.  We are a nation of laws, and it must remain that way.  Trial by public opinion is not a trial at all, but a mob rule.  It is justice that we must strive for, not a Black/White standoff.  Blowing this entire event into a race war, is not going to be beneficial for either race.  In the end, if George Zimmerman is found guilty by a preponderance of evidence, then so be it.  By the same token, if George Zimmerman is found to be innocent, that decision must also be respected and adhered to.  It must be that way!!!
God Help Us
The Watchman

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