Monday, March 26, 2012


Shaima Alawadi

  It is not my intention to diminish the seriousness of the tragic death of this young Iraqi immigrant mother.  I would also like to extend my condolences to her children.
  At the risk of soundly cynical, I am expressing my personal belief that there is more to this tragic story than is being brought to light, at least at this time.  The beating death of a young Muslim wife and mother has all the earmarks of an honor killing, not a hate crime. 
  After having studied Islam, the Qur'an and the behavior of Islamic husbands, sons, brothers and fathers, the evidence in this case is extremely similar to many, and I mean many honor killings.  Most of these, if not all have been perpetrated by a close family member, and with the knowledge of most of the rest of the family.
  Forgive me if I'm a little skeptical of the evidence and a lot suspicious of the husband.  The "note" found next to the body that reads: "go back to your country".  (Raised my eyebrow)  Certainly, the possibility that that note was left by an outside culprit could be true.  However, a note that reads that way... smells like a deliberate misdirection left by the real perpetrator.  Let's examine the circumstances that have been released so far.  Shaima was beaten in her home with a tire iron, but no one in this closely knit community saw a person walking up the driveway, in broad daylight with a tire iron, and so far, nothing has been released about anybody being seen leaving after the assault, once again in broad daylight.  I also find it very suspicious that "dad" was the one who was conveniently taking the younger children to school that morning, and not mom.  If this heinous crime was committed by someone outside the family, the suspect would had to have been watching the house as "dad" left with the kids.  If I were a detective with the El Cajon police department, I'd be grilling "dad" right now!  Here is another very suspicious statement released to the press:  " Shaima Alawadi is a respectful modest muhajiba." (that means obediently wears the traditional hijab, i.e., headscarf)  I have to ask, what would a family member, or a Muslim cleric or a counselor from CAIR, be doing by making a statement like that?  I'll tell you why that statement was made, it was made to throw suspicion off "dad", "husband", "father", and back on to the "hate crime" note left by the body.  Allegedly, a similar note was found outside the home earlier in the year, but the Alawadi's never reported it to the police.  I find that very, very suspicious.  For one thing, had there been an earlier "hate crime" note the Alawadi family would not be able to resist calling it to the attention of CAIR, the police and any news media that would listen, it's what Muslims do, it's their "victim ploy" for sympathy.  It is not typical for a Muslim family in a new neighborhood, to dismiss a "hate note" as a children's prank, as the family stated.  There are way too many things here that do not add up.   
  I have to ask, why a tire iron, and whose tire iron was it?  The brutality of beating someone with a tire iron is something that is done out of spontaneous anger perhaps, not a run of the mill, get out of my country hate crime, it's too barbaric, too messy.  Why just Shaima, why not target "dad"?  Why not target the children, or the entire family?  That could constitute a hate crime.  In my mind, for this horrendous murder to be perpetrated by an outsider, someone who didn't really know this lady, screams too me, like something in the "modus operendi" of Charles Manson and his ilk.  However, that's a highly unlikely scenario.  No sir, the more I read and study this crime, the more I see honor killing, or a typical case of a Muslim husband beating his wife into submission, and he let his temper get way out of hand.  I also feel that the some of the children, if not all, know who did this, and they are understandably afraid to speak out.  It's the Muslim way.  I am almost 100% sure that a serious investigation will reveal that this murder of a Muslim wife and mother was an inside job.  
  Right now, the Muslim communities across America are up in arms, even purported to be in shock.  A million hajib march is being organized in the victims honor.  I'm sure a fatwa is being written for the proverbial head of the person who committed this crime.  Unless of course, it was her husband, or her father.  In which case, under Sharia law, not only is the beating forgivable, but understood, and if Shaima dishonored her family, her murder would be understood, condoned and encouraged.  Deep down, the Muslim communities are even more suspicious about this than I am.  I pray that the police investigating this murder spend a significant amount of time interrogating the immediate family.  Because San Diego, California has the second largest Muslim population in the U.S., next to Michigan, approx. 40,000, the San Diego area law enforcement organizations will be seeing more and more of this type of violence in those neighborhoods.  
  The liberal media was as quick to jump on the hate crime angle with this story, as they were with the Florida story of Trayvon Martin's killing by Mr. Zimmerman.  Unfortunately, now that the entire Black population in America was calling for the lynching of Mr. Zimmerman, an eye-witness comes forward, and states the Mr. Zimmerman was the one being attacked by Trayvon (the little hoodie wearing street thug), and that Mr. Zimmerman did in actuality shoot in self defense.  The picture of Trayvon Martin that is in all the papers, depict him as a young innocent teen with an angelic face, but now, was he really as angelic as his family and friends made him out to be?  I wonder if Barack Obama is still going to relate to Trayvan as the son he never had?  I see Obama putting some distance between Trayvon and himself on this one.  The eye-witness account, explains why there were no charges or arrests made in the case, as the police obviously saw Zimmerman as the victim, not the criminal in this case.  What do you think now Obama, are the police just acting stupidly in this incident too?  If Mr. Zimmerman's story of acting in self-defense, the media, and the President are going to look mighty incompetent, again!
  My advice to the San Diego city fathers, take a trip to Dearborn, Michigan, take a look at what once was a beautiful lakeside community, that has now become a Muslim Ghetto.  In ten years, San Diego will look very similar.  
God Help Us
The Watchman         

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