Saturday, March 10, 2012


The Senate and House Buildings in Washington, D.C.

   We the People may wish to have these buildings demolished, they are full of irrelevant empty suits, as they really serve no useful purpose.  It was simply a matter of time for Barack Obama to declare congress irrelevant, and now Leon Panetta has done Obama's dirty deed.  He basically served notice on the Senate and House to vacate, as the President no longer requires their services.  The United Nations will be calling the shots from now on.  
  This writer's opinion comes on the heels of a Senate meeting between the Joint Chiefs of the U.S. Military including Leon Panetta the Secretary of Defense.  The meeting itself was being held in regard to the growing conflict in Syria.  There has been discussions at high level offices about the possibility of U.S. military intervention in that country.  During the inquiry with General Martin Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Senator Jeff Sessions queried the General as to the steps needed to be taken for the U.S. military to intervene in Syria?  This was obviously the first time anyone in congress received the truth.  General Dempsey mentioned that the U.S. Military would have to secure permission from the U.N. to proceed with operations of military persuasion in Syria.  As if that statement didn't say it all, Senator Sessions turned to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta for some clarification of the General's answer.  You could have knocked Senator Sessions over with a feather when Leon Panetta also stated, that the U.S. would have to gain permission from the United Nations and then the President and or the U.S. Military would consult congress to tell them what the military was going to do.  This was a blow to the ego of congress, that in my mind was coming for a long, long time.  At least since Barack Obama was elected to the Commander In Chief role.  Obama has made no bones about how he feels about a congress that doesn't see things his way.  Time and time again the President has executed an end-run around congress with his executive orders.  Time and time again, our legislators have turned a blind eye to Obama's usurpation of the Constitution and the will of the people.  Now that Obama just in essence, slapped the Senate in the face, maybe someone there in D.C. will actually wake up.  If they wake up, they may find the monster that they themselves created.  
  Barack Obama has always despised this country, it's form of government, and it's financial free market system of capitalism.  Barack Obama's use, or is that misuse of our Constitution for his personal gain and to fundamentally transform this nation from a once free, thriving and strong country into a weak, dependent, unemployed, and financially embarrassed nation was his goal, is his goal, and will be his goal until it is accomplished.  Every American must see this by now!  The way Obama manipulated our system of checks and balances, the way he has managed to divide the people of this nation in order to accomplish his goals, is nothing less than diabolical genius.  The most learned scholars on Capitol Hill and across this nation were completely bamboozled by this President.  To this day, there are legislators who will defend Obama and his policies to the death.  The problem is, it is their inevitable demise in the offing, not that of Obama or his policies.
  Let's face people, we have a dictator in the White House, a man that will not, under any circumstances take NO for an answer.  Barack Hussein Obama will have his way, regardless of who he needs to step over, around or on, in order to achieve his final goal.  I have never seen a man who can tell lies with such a straight face.  He says I'm doing all I can to expand exploration of oil deposits in America, sure he is, but is he granting permission to drill?  No, he is not!  He said he would put the coal industry out of business, he's doing that alright.  At the same time however, he's doing all he can to make energy costs skyrocket, are the only people who see this, the ones who are paying for their own gas?  His EPA is shutting down electric producing plants, and at the same time he's pushing the purchase of electric cars and trucks.  Just off the top of my head, if you shut down energy suppliers, who's going to supply the electricity to charge up the vehicles?  Here's a scenario; say for instance, every other driver in New York City was using an electric car, what happens to the power grid when all these vehicles get plugged in at the same time for an over night charge?  I'll tell you what happens.  Because the EPA has shut down over half of the power plants, the remaining plants will NOT be able to hold up the grid and supply the power needed when all those chargers are charging.  Within hours, rolling blackouts would have to be implemented lest the the entire grid go down.  So, how tough is it to see what Barack Obama is doing?  Hey, if I saw it and many others saw this coming 3 years ago, where were all of our highly paid, highly spoiled and under worked legislators?  They were padding their pockets with tax payer dollars, that's where. 
  It's time for us all to get on the horn, demand some performance for our money.  It's time to insist that your representatives show a little personal initiative and intestinal fortitude, and stand up to the dictator in the White House.  This treasonous President should have been impeached two and half years ago.  It really is time to get it on, don't you think? 
God Help Us

The Watchman

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