Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Sandra Fluke

Dr. Susannah Cornwall

Are you wondering what these two women have in common?  Other than the fact that both of them are wackos in their own way, they  are both prime candidates for a position in Obama's Cabinet.

Just when you thought things couldn't possibly get and stranger, reality sets in.  Let's take Sandra Fluke for example, shall we?  Number one, she is not a 23 year Law Student at Georgetown Catholic Jesuit University, but, she said she was.  She also feels that everyone in the country is responsible to supply her with contraceptives while she is in school.  Of course, her target isn't to secure government or Catholic paid contraceptives, her goal to help President Obama crush the morality, the will, and the conscience of the Catholic Church.  Sandra Fluke (pronounced fluck), is most certainly an Obama ringer, another useful idiot as it were.  I have to say, her timing and Obama's timing are impeccable.  What better time to bring up women's health than just prior to Super Tuesday's Republican nominee election.  I for one do not believe in coincidence when this administration is involved.  I don't have to rehash the Sandra Fluke story, mainstream media, FOX, and every talk show on the air has already beaten this horse to death.  (Now understand, I did not call Sandra Fluke a horse, a horse's patoot maybe, but I mean that in the nicest sort of way.)  I will say however that just like Obama, Sandra Fluke is a deceiver, and also an Obama stooge.  (Birds of a feather, get my drift?)  I believe that if someone had the opportunity to run through those White House phone records again, they may find a number that could be traced right to Ms. Fluke.  There is no doubt that she has the inside track to an Obama cabinet appointment, maybe the President could make her the new Condom Czar.  If that takes place and the appointment is made, look out Kathleen Sibelius, Sandra is younger than you.  It's about time for Ms. Sibelius to be thrown under the bus anyway.  I'll give you the same advice I'd give to Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel, ("If Obama said he has your back, better hire someone else to watch your "six"!).   
  So who is Dr. Susannah Cornwall you ask?  Well she is a theologian and a scholar at Manchester University's Lincoln Theological Institute in the UK.  Dr. Cornwall is looking to take over Obama's Religion Czar position.  She is every bit as radically left as Rev. Jim Wallace, only a whole lot more twisted than he ever dreamt of being.  According to Dr. Cornwall, Jesus may have been a "hermaphrodite".  For those of you who are wondering what the heck that is, it is a person born with both male and female genitals, and consequently isn't exactly sure what they are gender-wise.  In a paper she wrote, titled " Intersex & Ontology, a Response to The Church, Women Bishops and Provision".  Good title, isn't it?  Suffice to say Dr. Cornwall is "Feminist", well at least she thinks she is.  It is her theory that, it is impossible to assert with any degree of certainty that Jesus was male as we now define male.  Her words, not mine!  Her attitude toward blasphemy appears to closely parallel that of Obama's spiritual advisor Jim Wallace, which tells me, that with Obama's penchant to surround himself with moral degenerates, Dr. Cornwall could easily move into Jim Wallace's White House Office.
  In any case it appears that main stream media, and our irrelevant congress will give Sandra Fluke a pass on all her lies, i.e., her age, and reason for going to Georgetown, among several others, just as they have done with Obama for the past three years and 3 months.  She will be forever portrayed as a women student suffering from having to spend her own money on contraceptive protection while in college, and chances are, her obvious sexual and promiscuous escapades may have to be curtailed.  Unless of course the Catholic Church caves under this oppressive and tyrannical White House.   Let us pray and stand by the Catholic Church on this issue, as the outcome will effect all religious denominations for many years to come.
  In hindsight (I have a lot of that), perhaps we should push for the union of Dr. Susannah Cornwall, Sandra Fluke and Barack Obama in the same White House.  There is always the outside chance that between Dr. Cornwall and Sandra Fluke they could convince Obama that it is impossible for him to be the Messiah, as his true gender is also in question.  Maybe they can even convince Obama that he is neither man enough or woman enough to hold the office of President, and he'll just step down.  Wishful thinking.
  God Help Us
The Watchman            

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