Wednesday, March 7, 2012


It's all in the eyes, isn't it?

If the President of the United States stared me down the way Obama is staring down Benjamin Netanyahu, while at the same time telling me he had me back, I'm afraid I'd be more than a little concerned.  There are those who would tell me that what they see in this photograph is Obama, listening intently to Netanyahu.  I can't look at this photo and see that, not at all!  In Obama's eyes I see total disdain for the Israeli Prime Minister, and in Obama's pursed lips I see anger, toward America's most precious Middle East Ally.  I may as well say it right here, right now.  In Obama's face I see Arab, Palestinian supporter, I see one of the most outspoken anti-Semites in this country.  Do I see African-American?  No, I do not!  In my opinion, unless you were born or your parents were born on the continent of Africa, and you or they came to the United States and became naturalized citizens, then you may qualify as African-American.  However, in 99% of all of us who were born to American fathers and mothers, on American soil legally, we are Americans, period, color does not dictate nationality in my mind.  So, do I see African-American, the answer is still an unequivocal NO.  I judge a man by the content of his character, nothing else.  I judge a man by his statements and his actions, which reveal to me, the content of his character.  It is Obama's character to which I take exception, once again not his color.
  That being said, the stare that Benjamin Netanyahu is being forced to look at in the photo above, I'm sure is familiar to him.  I'm sure Netanyahu has seen that same stare from men like Mahmoud Abbas, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and several of the other enemies of Israel.  There is little doubt as to the resentment that Barack Hussein Obama has for Israel and Netanyahu.  Throughout Obama's private and public life, his discontent with Israel holding and defending the land that God promised them, is very prevalent in the words Obama has spoken, in the past and in the present.  Just a small amount of research into the people that Barack Obama has surrounded himself with will show the reasons why he feels the way he does regarding Israel.  From his college days and his professor friend Rashid Khalidi, a Palestinian scholar who also taught at Columbia with Obama.  Obama's attitude toward Israel my be a perfect example of the deceiver being deceived.  Rashid Khalidi is in essence, a Jew hater of the nth degree, and he had great influence over young professor Obama.  Obama actually attended an anti-Israel dinner given for Rashid Khalidi.  At the dinner it is reported that Obama declared " Israel has no God-given right to occupy Palestine, plus, there's been genocide against the Palestinian people by Israelis."  The LA Times Newspaper has the video tape of Obama's little rant against Israel, but they refuse to release it.  The anti-Israel dinner took place in mid-2008, prior to Obama's election to office.  It was never released, had it been, John McCain or Hilary Clinton would be President today, or at least I would think.  There is yet another video tape that is being suppressed by the left that, if shown would reveal to the world who and what Barack Hussein Obama is really all about.  It is a video of a stage play done at a small theater in Chicago in 1998, the play's title was "THE LOVE SONG OF SAUL  ALINSKY", (catchy, isn't it?)  a radical Communist community organizer in his own right.  Obama was not only in the audience of this play, but actually took part in an onstage panel discussion that was advertised on the poster for the play.  It should be mentioned that Saul Alinsky was also a favorite Progressive of Hilary Clinton, he was actually the subject of Hilary's thesis.  Progressives do not fall to far from the tree.  Saul Alinsky, Rashid Khalidi, Cloward and Francis Fox Piven were and are all in the same Communist/Progressive league.  Obama and Hilary Clinton are avid admirers of all the above.
  When it comes to being a judge of character, one must look at the subject from many different aspects.  For instance, if the subject tells the truth, it doesn't necessarily make him a good person, example; Obama did say he was going to fundamentally change America, and he is following through with his statement.  However, just as one's actions reveal his character, they also reveal good or bad character.  Obama said I will change America, and the people applauded and cheered.  Well, now he has certainly changed it.  Unemployment has been above 8% since his election, gas prices are now in excess of $3 and $4 dollars per gallon, energy costs and health care costs have never been so high.  The deficit is well over $15 trillion and he wants more, 48% of Americans are receiving government entitlements, 50% of Americans pay no income tax at all.  Obama, certainly promised change, and he was truthful in that aspect, but is it beneficial change?  Certainly not, and when you look back, every time Obama promised beneficial changes, he lied.  There have been no beneficial changes since Obama's"Greece" happens.
  Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, do not take Obama at his word, especially regarding support for Israel in it's unending efforts to survive, while being completely surrounded by her enemies.  It is regrettable that I inform you that Israel's enemy, is also in the White House of the United States of America.  Down deep inside Benjamin, I think you know that to be true.  Obama sees Israel as an aggressor in the Middle East.  When Obama told you America has your back, he was speaking for the majority of America, however, I doubt he was was speaking for himself or his friends, minions and cohorts.  We, the American people are truly on the side of Israel, but we the people no longer wield the sword of freedom and righteousness.  The majority have relinquished the sword for promises of free pleasures.  The majority in America has sacrificed their faith, freedom and liberty for the promise of a security that we will never know under our present elected administration. 
  Israel, we can and do pray for you.  Please pray for us in turn.
God Help Us
The Watchman

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