Thursday, January 26, 2012


        SOTU: Obama wants government power consolidated under Executive Branch – Glenn Beck

   Thanks to Glenn Beck and his keen ear, the most important and frightening statement from Barack Obama may have been lost in the rest of Obama's deceptive rhetoric, of the State of the Union address.
  I must confess that I did not watch or listen to Obama's latest State of the Union Lies Speech.  I have very good reasons for not watching or listening.  Number one, the sight of Obama's smug mug makes me want to throw up, number two, the sound of his voice and his incessant lying also makes me want to throw up.  Had I listened to the SOTU speech, I assure you I would have written this blog article yesterday.  Glenn Beck and I don't always see eye to eye on everything, but concerning this matter, I am glad Glenn heard, saw it and brought it to the attention of all who do listen to him.
  I have written many times about how, in my opinion Barack Obama will not be willing to give up the controls without a fight, or without some diabolical way of retaining the reins.
I believe his statement regarding changes he wants to make to the structure of the Constitution concerning the Executive Branch of government, lends credence to my concerns.    (Before you get all excited, his intentions have nothing to do with his immediate resignation, or that he promises to never again usurp Congressional and Judicial power by use of his Executive Orders).  Quite the contrary.  Barack Obama would like to see a more efficient bureaucracy, and wouldn't we all?  The difference however, is Obama just wants more power to get things done at his command, his order, and be able to skirt the Constitutional way of doing things, you know, with checks and balances.  Obama's exact words were"The executive branch also needs to change.  Too often, it's inefficient, outdated and remote.  That's why I've asked this Congress to grant me the authority to consolidate the federal bureaucracy so that our Government is leaner, quicker, and more responsive to the needs of the American people."  Doesn't that sound wonderful?  Wow, a Government more responsive to the needs of the American people!!!  This guy is Grrrreat!!!  Not so much..., not so fast either!  Why don't we take a moment and parse that statement?  "The executive branch also needs to change.  Too often it is inefficient, outdated and remote." What Obama meant was this, I am inefficient because I can't dictate orders, outdated, because the Constitution stops me from exacting supreme and sovereign power over the people and their elected representatives, and by remote, he simply means I need to be able to dictate and have my orders carried out while I'm on the golf course in Hawaii.  Next sentence:  That's why I've asked this Congress to grant "me" the authority to consolidate the federal bureaucracy so that our Government is leaner, quicker, and more responsive to the needs of the American people."  What Obama meant was, give me the sole power over all branches of Government, and I will decide what is best for the American people, and I won't have to ask their permission or yours to implement my plans, orders and agenda.  To sum it all up, he, in not so many words has asked permission from legislative branch to make him "Dictator of America", perhaps the world.  What do I mean by the world?  Let me throw out some points to ponder.  How many dictators are still in power in the world?  Why aren't there very many?  Do you really think that the few dictators left in the world will be in power much longer?  Who was the most instrumental leader responsible for the overthrow of practically every dictator in the Middle East and North Africa?  How many nations are in virtual total upheaval financially?  Why?  Why, just recently, did George Soros predict the collapse of the American dollar, and say there would be bloodshed and riots in the streets?  Does he know something we don't know?  Do the names Barack Hussein Obama and George Soros keep popping up, as you try to answer these questions, well congratulations, they keep popping up in my analysis too.
  Given these points, it will not surprise me if our useless, gutless and Godless Congress gives Obama what he is asking for, supreme power, over all branches of government.  In essence his dictatorship.  Now, understand this will not happen right away.  However, when it gets close to election time, and things are not really looking up for Obama in a free and fair re-election...  You may actually see the Obama dictatorship at work.  Executive orders will be flying off the Lincoln desk faster than you can say "what constitution"?  I caution you, if the people decide not to re-elect Obama, Obama may decide there is no need for an election, not in 2012 and not ever again.  Do not expect your elected representatives to stop this man from taking over.  They have made no attempt to stop his shredding and usurpation of the Constitution so far, and there is no reason to expect that they suddenly find courage in the near future.  The legislators who are not already on the Obama band wagon, except for a few, are nothing but a crowd of empty suits.  Regardless of what promises they made to get elected two years ago, they will not be willing to stand against Obama.  To steal a phrase from Sitting Bull, "there was no iron in their words." 
  This nation needs prayer my friends, and preparation, we do in fact have a long and arduous journey ahead of us, make no mistake about it!
God Help Us
The Watchman

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