Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Sick, Twisted, Demented, Delusional
    On the 39th anniversary of Roe vs Wade Obama said this:  "Today is our chance to recognize the fundamental constitutional right to abortion and to continue our efforts to ensure that our daughters have the same rights, freedoms, and opportunities as our sons to fulfill their dreams."
  Attempting to find a modicum of logic in Obama's thought processes has proven a more difficult task than I expected.  I understand that the Supreme Court, in their Godless and gutless way of determining a decision or actually not determining a decision in Roe vs Wade has rendered it possible for infanticide to continue in this country.  However, I fail to see anywhere in the U.S. Constitution a "fundamental right" to murder the unborn citizens of this nation. 
  Exactly Mr. President, what are these rights, freedoms and opportunities our nation's daughters do not have, as opposed to our nation's sons?  I am 63 years of age, and when I was younger, I admit that opportunities for females as opposed to males was one sided.  Things have changed dramatically since the 50's, 60's and 70's, however.  So, I can only determine that the last single right you want to see placed on an equal basis, is the right to murder the unwanted.  There is no such right Mr. President.  Murder of the innocent is murder in it's most heinous form. 
  I remember you said, "that you wouldn't want your daughter being punished by carrying and giving birth to an unwanted child."  In essence, you're saying that a child if it's unwanted should be killed.  Your mind is in serious collapse if that makes perfect sense to you.  You, Mr. President are suffering from a very dangerous form of dementia if you are able to equate women's rights to the slaughter of innocents as if they are somehow logically related.  I'm trying to figure out the logic of your thinking Mr. President when you make it a crime to "water board" a terrorist, but find no fault or problem with the tearing and pulling out an unborn baby from the womb piece by piece.  You seem to actually revel in the fact that this heinous act is somehow helping women.  I ask, helping them in what way?  Do you honestly think that these mostly young women will have no remorse after an abortion?  Do you actually think that these young women will not be scarred for life.  Do you actually think that that baby being murdered in the womb shouldn't have a chance to be born, grow up, and maybe become President of the United States.  Are you Mr. President saying that the last baby to ever be allowed to live should have been you, or Malia or Sasha.  Can you see how twisted that line of thought is?  Mr. President, is it your conclusion that the unborn baby is responsible for some type of punishment, just because it exists?  In your sick way of analysing unwanted pregnancy, do you relieve all responsibility from the father and the mother?   Has this human fetus in your mind, somehow transformed from a miracle of God to a parasite?  I wonder if you would be willing to take your daughters and your wife to an abortion clinic or hospital and stand in the operating room and witness the procedure of an abortion, or better yet a partial birth abortion?  Could you come away with the same cold attitude, that murdering babies is a better option than giving birth?
  In my opinion, it is Barack Obama's attitude toward abortion that explains his attitude toward everything else.  Is it any wonder that a man who believes that a baby is a punishment, also believes that it is everyone else's fault that he has failed as President.  The President's attitude toward blame, puts him in the same category of the other mentally flawed, like Adolf Hitler who blamed the Jews and Christians for the ills of the world, or Chairman Mao who mass murdered thousands of Chinese, because in his mind, there were so many Chinese that nobody would miss several hundred thousand. 
  Barack Hussein Obama is the most dangerous, diabolical and demented President of this century.  Given enough time, his twisted way of seeing things will become law in this nation.  It is a sad state of affairs when a choice between our President and anyone else, it becomes imperative that the people choose "anyone else".  If there is a free and fair election in 2012, it will be America's last chance for survival.  Obama must be relieved of command, and as much of his past influence must be erased and expunged from the land.  As before, I caution you, do not expect Obama to relinquish the reins easily or without a fight.  A man as sick, twisted, demented and delusional as he is, will, if he finds it necessary, find a way to retain control.  Watch for it.
God Help Us
The Watchman

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