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The Army calls it diversity, I call it feeding the Satan
  Because the United States Army allocated $50,000.00 toward a Christian based concert in 2010, military Atheists were offended, so now the Army in their infinite wisdom has decided to allocate another $50,000.00 so that the Atheists won't feel left out.  On March 31, 2012 Fort Bragg, NC. will host the first ever "Rock Beyond Belief" a rock concert for non-believers.   Is this the Army's exercise in diversity plan, or is it an exercise in futility?  What's the next taxpayer funded rock concert going to be for?  Your guess is as good as mine.
  As a general practice, I have no objections to the military providing entertainment to our soldiers, after all, they deserve something for their dedication, don't they?  My concern is the direction that the Army is taking this whole entertainment and appeasment thing.  Last year it was a Christian concert, in 2012 it's this Atheist concert, will the taxpayers be paying for a $50,000.00 Homosexual rock concert later this year or in 2013?  Worse yet, will it end there?  Somehow, I see this going way beyond the $150,000.00 level.  Hey, we're talking about an endless supply of taxpayer funds, right?  Didn't I just here that the military was to be cutting it's budget to the bone, so that Obama could spend the money elsewhere?  There must be another Solyndra out there somewhere!  I suppose I'm just talking about wasting money here, but I believe there is much more to this newly found diverse military issue, and it isn't good.
  I know what goes on at Christian rock concerts, songs about brotherly love, songs that worship our Lord.  Guest speakers who preach from the Bible and give testimony to the soldiers that lift their spirit, giving hope and understanding, promoting camaraderie, and love.  Christian concerts are family friendly and appropriate for audiences of all ages.  Although, I've been to a couple of Christian churches where Christian rock was being played, and I left with a head ache more than anything else, but the theme was the same, Love, Hope, Peace and God's Grace.
  It is this Army Atheist rock concert that troubles me.  It doesn't appear to be targeted toward non-believers as much is it is targeted toward Satan worship and hatred of Christians and Jews.  The headline rock band for this Fort Bragg concert is a group called "Aiden".  Aiden has a song called "Hysteria", this song has been dubbed the Atheist Anthem."  The lyrics are extremely troubling, and the music video with it, is equalling troubling, to say the least.  The video contains images of burning churches and a bloodied crosses.  Here are the song lyrics, you decide:
                            Love how they burn your synagogues
                            Love how they torch your holy books
                            Filling coffers with your grief
                            Filling coffins with your misery
                            Faith holding outright criminals safe
                            This is just the world we live in
                            Can you justify the pain
                            The death of fiction will save us all.
  This Fort Bragg concert is also billed as family friendly, who's family would that be?  Still not convinced of the Satanic influence in this concert?  Here are some lyrics from Aiden's song called "Crusifiction".
           "Let me give you a little inside information about God
                 He's laughing his sick fu**ing a** off
                 He's a tight a**
                 He's a sadist
                 Worship that???
             F**k your God
             F**k your faith in the end
                 There's no religion."
  According to Justin Griffith, the Atheist concert organizer, this latter song will not be played at the concert.  That certainly makes me feel better about the whole thing, how about you?  Just how does he expect to prevent the playing of that song, anyway?
  In my opinion, this is NOT a concert for Atheists, it is a concert that is intended to promote hatred of Christians and Jews and all that we believe in.  It is a concert that literally invites evil into the midst of concert goers, and will result in a military condoned discrimination of Christians and Jews should it be allowed to go on.  This so-called Atheist concert is nothing but a ruse to allow Satan worship in the military of the United States.  I know some folks who profess to be Atheists.  I do not here them using profane and offensive language toward those who do believe.  The Atheists I am familiar with do not hate Christians and Jews, they just choose not to believe.  As ironic as it may sound, that is their God given right.  I'm sure that Atheists can have a conert that promotes Atheism without promoting hate towards those who do believe.  It is no coincidence that people without God have a propencity towards anger and hatred and even violence.  This Fort Bragg concert will be a monumental mistake if allowed to move forward.  Doesn't the Army see that this is a move toward the tolerance of evil among the ranks?  I can see no good coming from this particular concert, only an increase in the mal-adjusted.  I'm not talking about the Atheist, I'm talking about those who already hate Christians and Jews and are looking for an outlet and a justification for that hate.  Here, the United States Army is providing a platform for hate, and those apostates of Satan will surely take advantage of this platform. 
  When did the Generals lose sight of the need for cohesivness in military units?  Putting on a concert such as this will do nothing but degrade the cohesion.  To what extent will the military go to be politically correct?  Will the growth of hatred  that concerts like this bring about, continue to grow among the ranks until the Christians and Jews decide they're getting out?  When that happens, will the military be left devoid of any morality?  Will those that are left become Satan's Army?  The degradation and corruption of our legislature, courts and executive branches of government is spilling into the ranks of our military.  When promoters of evil can demand equal time as those who promote peace and love, and get it, there are some real serious issues in the Pentagon.  Evil is something that can not and should not be tolerated at any level, yet it is not only being tolerated, but encouraged.  Evil, also can not be ignored, as it will not go away.  Evil must be rebuked and destroyed in Jesus' name, or it will proliferate. 
  I can't help but believe that this encouragement of Paganism and Satanism among the ranks of our military is the beginning of the end of America's moral compass, and another proof that America, under this administration is making marked strides toward an evil government that will, in the end, make the reign of Hitler, Mao, and Pol Pot look like the good life.  The American people are accepting lies from our President and congress as though they are truth.  The American people are standing in line to become useful idiots of the masters of deception, even though the Bible has been warning us about this for centuries.  This one concert is just the beginning of the recruitment into Satan's army.  It won't stop here, unless it is stopped here.
  Christians and Jews, prepare yourselves for a long and arduous journey.  Evil is becoming a dominant force in the free world.  The new Dark Age is coming.
God Help Us
The Watchman  

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