Wednesday, January 4, 2012


In the  NFL's never ending quest for the biggest and baddest and brutal players, they seem to overlook the player's lack of academic prowess.  It's not all the NFL's fault however.  Colleges and Universities belonging to the NCAA also seek brutality over brains, in their quest for end of the season Bowl Games.

Terrel Suggs is just such an example.  In an interview on ESPN's "First Take", Terrel Suggs seized the opportunity to add his two cents in, and lambaste Tim Tebow regarding his open Christianity.  It never ceases to amaze me, it's always the intellectual misfits that have something to say, and what's even worse, many of America's sports fans will listen and give credence to someone like Suggs.  All I can say is, it's a good thing that Terrell Suggs is an exemplary football player, as his so-called education at Arizona State University wouldn't carry him very far in the world of academia.  It appears Mr. Suggs Majored in "Secondary Education" (History), which requires him to have the following courses:  Speech Communication; 101, 113, 120, 321 and 323.  Oh, but that's not all, Mr. Suggs, if he even graduated with a degree was also required to complete courses in:  Historical/Philosophical Perspectives, other wise know as High School History, Political Science, U.S. Minority Culture aka. History 100, Life Sciences aka Anthropology, Physical Sciences aka High School Geography, Quantitative Reasoning I aka Statistics, Behavioral Sciences aka Psychology 100 and last but not least Quantitative Reasoning II aka Sociology.  Over a four year period, this combination of classes would more than likely have Mr. Suggs spending about 3 hours a day in the classroom, and 6 - 7 hours a day either in the workout room or on the practice field.  No doubt Mr. Suggs was able to graduate with high marks, as the college has it's priorities you know.  The better you play football, the smarter you must be.  We all know it happens at all the best colleges and Universities in America these days.  I'm not sure what the stats really are, but I'm guessing that the full Athletic scholarships from major U.S. schools of higher learning outweigh the full academic scholarships by a substantial margin. 
  The academic accomplishments in Terrel Suggs' education are not very apparent, especially from his "speech communications" classes.  If Terrell Suggs' Speech Communication instructor was witness to the Suggs tirade on ESPN the other day, and if he/she actually gave Terrell a passing grade, then that professor should give up tenure, turn in his/her resignation as a teacher of English or Speech or Communication, and then repay the Arizona State the salary he/she collected while Terrell Suggs was in their classroom.
  Unfortunately, this lack of education is becoming more and prevalent in the NFL, who by the way recruits players from the ranks of colleges and universities around the nation.  Most of these guys, although they play football very well, can not put together a complete sentence.  I do not want to lump all professional football players into this category of uneducated dolts coming out of supposed schools of higher learning, I'm just saying that more and more thugs seem to be graduating from college with useless degrees, and there are many academically worthy high school students that are not in college, due in part to the numbskulls sitting in a classrooms with a fully paid four year athletic scholarship.  Is it any wonder America's workforce of qualified engineers, doctors, researchers and scientists has been dwindling for the past 4 decades and then some?
  I love football, both college and NFL, but I find it very disheartening to realize, that as a fan watching an interview, I am the one who needs a course in "street Ebonics" and "gangsta sign language" just to understand what today's professional footballer is trying to convey.
  It appears that insulting a good well educated, responsible Christian football player has become part of American sports and entertainment.  When Tim Tebow should be held up as proper example to our youth, the opposite occurs.  Instead, this self-destructive society we now live in, with it's degraded morals and lack of principle, holds up gangster thugs as examples for our young folks to follow.  Sad and pathetic....
God Help Us,
The Watchman

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