Thursday, January 5, 2012


  The very first thing I ask you to do is click on the "Best of Jaywalking Video", watch it in it's entirety.  After you have had a good laugh, grab your tissue, because once the realization that these folks are either voting, in charge, running for office, or will want to be in some type of command position in America.  The tears should start to flow, ohhhhh right about now!
  In the 2008 Presidential Election, there were 132,645,504 votes cast, sounds pretty awesome, until you realize that there were 212,702,354 eligible voters, and breaking that down, it means all of 62.4% participated in the election.  What happened to the other 36.6% of voters?  They stayed at home for some reason, and they didn't vote at all, and this is why the United States of America is being held hostage by our own government officials, we put them there, and we keep putting them there.
  When you watch Jay Leno's Jaywalking video, you say to yourself, not all the people he interviewed were as dumb as the the ones that actually made the cut.  An understandable conclusion for sure.  So what should we call it?  One out of ten?  We know Jay didn't interview thousands or even hundreds.  So, that would give you a figure of 10% of the people in America that can not name 2 of the founding fathers, have no idea how many stars are on the American flag, do you see what I'm getting at?  10% of America's eligible voters come to a total of 2.1 million people. 
  Now you know why and how Obama was elected to office?
  Now you know why people like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Barney Frank, and all those other criminals keep getting elected and re-elected?  We have a Congressman who has been reelected several times who thinks, if you put to many Marines on a South Pacific Island, it will capsize and drown the entire population.  We have a Congresswoman who says that a bill must be passed in order to know what's in it.  Like the bill is sort of a Obama, Reid, Pelosi surprise package.
  The day before yesterday, the totally unconstitutional Iowa Caucus was held.  The aftermath of the Caucus caused the at least one viable candidate to suspend her campaign.  It also has caused Rick Perry to rethink his continuation of an embarrassing campaign.  I'm not against candidates dropping from contention, what I am against is allowing the people of Iowa to be the sole cause for their suspensions.  Where in the U.S. Constitution does it say that any one state has the right to be first in a primary, and or call the shots for the rest of the nation?  When states like Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Florida are allowed to vote before the rest of the nation and result in the elimination of a candidate, or several candidates, that leaves the majority of Americans with second class votes.  Who is to say that if all the states voted a "primary-primary" two days ago, perhaps Michelle Bachman may have actually been the winner, maybe Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Santorum or Paul may have fared better?  Early Caucus' need to be done away with.  All Americans should have the right to vote the "whole field" at the same time.  All states should vote primaries on the same day.  The news media should not be allowed to announce the results until the last vote from Hawaii is cast, and counted.  There should be NO calling a winner by the media until all ballots have been cast and counted from all precincts, from every single state including Alaska and Hawaii.  The media should in no way shape or form be a determining factor for voters down line who have not yet cast a ballot. 
  Here is a point to ponder, while the Republican candidates are forming a circle suicide ring, and shooting each other out of contention, our president has once again bypassed congress and appointed a Business Czar.  Laughably, as though Congress thought they still hold some power over Obama, told him "he can't do that"!!!  To which Obama replied, "I already have"!!!   Once again while main stream media is keeping the people focused on the despicable Republican bloodbath, the president is doing what he has always done since his inauguration, and that is usurp the Constitution and bypass Congress and bypass the Supreme Court and proceed with his intended dictatorship an agenda.  Who, is not getting into the fray?  Well, it's America's useful idiots that Obama loves so much, until of course it's the idiot's turn under the wheels of the Obama bus. 
  There is a very frightening set of circumstances in progress in this country.  Communism, Socialism, Islamism are all being embraced.  Christianity, Conservativism, and our Republic are being deleted.  Will the voters, the citizens of this once great nation play the role of Nero?  Will we fiddle, all the while, as Rome burns?  There is a dictator in the White House ladies and gentlemen.  If we do in fact have a fair and free election in this country, I urge you to vote.  A none-vote is a vote for the Obama Dictator.  The main cause is to save this Republic, it's freedoms and it's liberties.  Fair warning from the Watchman, "if Obama is successful, America is lost forever". 
God Help Us
The Watchman    

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